8.2 High Performance Fortran Prefixes for Program Units

High Performance Fortran (HPF) provides keywords you can use as prefixes for certain program units. The following keywords can be used for modules, block data program units, functions, and subroutines:

Keyword   Meaning 
EXTRINSIC(HPF)  Causes the procedure to execute as if data and computation (specified by data mapping directives on Tru64 UNIX systems) are mapped by the compiler to multiple processes executing on multiple processors. 
EXTRINSIC(HPF_LOCAL)  Causes multiple independent copies of the same procedure to execute on different data on multiple processors. 
EXTRINSIC(HPF_SERIAL)  Causes the procedure to execute as if it were a single process executing on a scalar computer system. 

These keywords are allowed on all platforms, but are functional only in parallel programs on Tru64 UNIX systems. For more information on EXTRINSIC keywords, see the Compaq Fortran User Manual for Tru64 UNIX and Linux Alpha Systems.

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