9.3.43 DPROD (X, Y)

Description:  Produces a higher precision product. This is a specific function that has no generic name associated with it. It must not be passed as an actual argument. 
Class:  Elemental function; Specific 
Arguments:  Must be of type REAL(4) or REAL(8)
  Must be the same type and kind parameter as X. 
Results:  If X and Y are of type REAL(4), the result type is double precision real. If X and Y are of type REAL(8), the result is of type real(16). The result value is equal to X*Y.  


DPROD (2.0, -4.0) has the value -8.00D0.

DPROD (5.0D0, 3.0D0) has the value 15.00Q0.

The following shows another example:

  REAL(4) e
  REAL(8) d
  e = 123456.7
  d = 123456.7D0
  ! DPROD (e,e) returns 15241557546.4944
  ! DPROD (d,d) returns 15241556774.8899992813874268904328

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