9.3.53 FP_CLASS (X)

Description:  Returns the class of an IEEE real (S_floating, T_floating, or X_floating) argument. On OpenVMS systems, the compiler option specifying IEEE floating format must be set. 
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  X must be of type real.  
Results:  The result is of type default integer. The return value is one of the following:
Class of Argument                Return Value

Signaling NaN                    FOR_K_FP_SNAN
Quiet NaN                        FOR_K_FP_QNAN
Positive Infinity                FOR_K_FP_POS_INF
Negative Infinity                FOR_K_FP_NEG_INF
Positive Normalized Number       FOR_K_FP_POS_NORM
Negative Normalized Number       FOR_K_FP_NEG_NORM
Positive Denormalized Number     FOR_K_FP_POS_DENORM
Negative Denormalized Number     FOR_K_FP_NEG_DENORM
Positive Zero                    FOR_K_FP_POS_ZERO
Negative Zero                    FOR_K_FP_NEG_ZERO
The preceding return values are defined in file fordef.f on Tru64 UNIX and Linux systems, module FORSYSDEF on OpenVMS systems, and file fordef.for on Windows systems. For information on the location of these files, see your user manual or programmer's guide.


FP_CLASS (4.0_8) has the value 4 (FOR_K_FP_POS_NORM).

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