9.3.88 LOC (X)

Description:  Returns the internal address of a storage item. This specific function cannot be passed as an actual argument.  
Class:  Inquiry function; Generic 
Arguments:  X is a variable, an array or record field reference, a procedure, or a constant; it can be of any data type. It must not be the name of an internal procedure or statement function. If it is a pointer, it must be defined and associated with a target.  
Results:  The result is of type integer(4) on ia32 processors; INTEGER(8) on Alpha and ia64 processors. The value of the result represents the address of the data object or, in the case of pointers, the address of its associated target. If the argument is not valid, the result is undefined.

On OpenVMS systems, in the case of global symbolic constants, LOC returns the value of the constant rather than an address.

This function serves the same purpose as the %LOC built-in function.

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