9.3.92 MALLOC (I)

Description:  Allocates a block of memory. This specific function cannot be passed as an actual argument. 
Class:  Elemental function; Specific 
Arguments:  I must be of type integer. This value is the size (in bytes) of memory to be allocated. 
On OpenVMS systems, if the argument is INTEGER(8), a 64-bit (P3) space is allocated.
Results:  The result is of type integer(4) on ia32 processors; INTEGER(8) on Alpha and ia64 processors. The result is the starting address of the allocated memory. The memory allocated can be freed by using the FREE intrinsic function (see Section 9.3.55).  


Consider the following:

  POINTER (ADDR, STORAGE)     ! ADDR will point to STORAGE
  SIZE = 1024                 ! Size in bytes
  ADDR = MALLOC(SIZE)         ! Allocate the memory
  CALL FREE(ADDR)             ! Free it

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