13.6.26 SHARE Specifier (WNT, W9*)

The SHARE specifier indicates whether file locking is implemented while the unit is open. It takes the following form:

SHARE = shr

Is a scalar default character expression that evaluates to one of the following values:

'DENYRW'   Indicates deny-read/write mode. No other process can open the file. 
'DENYWR'  Indicates deny-write mode. No process can open the file with write access. 
'DENYRD'   Indicates deny-read mode. No process can open the file with read access. 
'DENYNONE'   Indicates deny-none mode. Any process can open the file in any mode. 

The default is 'DENYWR'. However, if compiler option /fpscomp=general or the SHARED specifier is used, the default is 'DENYNONE'.

For More Information:

For details on limitations on record access, see your user manual or programmer's guide.

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