PDO Directive (TU*X only)

The PDO directive specifies that the iterations of the immediately following DO loop must be executed in parallel. It takes the following form:

c$PAR PDO [option[[,] option] ... ]

Is one of the following: C (or c), !, or * (see Section 15.2.1).

Is one of the following:

Is a Compaq Fortran DO construct with loop control. It cannot be a DO WHILE or a DO loop without loop control. The DO loop iteration variable must be of type integer.

The iterations of the DO loop are distributed across the already existing threads.

Rules and Behavior

Specifying NOWAIT is the same as specifying NOWAIT in an OpenMP Fortran API DO directive (see Section

PDO directives are permitted only within the lexical extent of the PARALLEL and END PARALLEL directives.

For more information about rules and restrictions, see your user manual.

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