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HP-UX 11i v3 non-critical impact:

Ptools process management tools - a subset is implemented (NcEn983)

CMD Impacts

enhancement description

HP-UX 11i v3 provides Ptools, a new set of process management tools that support easy process tracking and debugging.

As of the new release, this set consists of the following commands:

  • pmap

    pmap prints the address space information of a process.

  • pfiles

    pfiles prints information about all open file descriptors of a process.

    If file descriptor corresponds to a file, then pfiles prints the fstat(2) and fcntl(2) information.

    If the file descriptor corresponds to a socket, then pfiles prints socket related info, such as the socket type, socket family, and protocol family.

    In the case of AF_INET and AF_INET6 family of sockets, information about the peer host is also printed.

  • pgrep

    pgrep searches for processes having attributes matching the selection criteria specified by its arguments.

    The process ID numbers of the matched processes are printed, separated by a delimiter, the default being the newline.

    Each attribute option can take multiple values separated by comma. pgrep will select those processes that match all the attribute options specified. If an attribute option has multiple values, then the process needs to match one of the values.

  • pkill

    pkill selects processes similar to pgrep, but instead of printing the process ID numbers, it signals the matched processes.

    The user can specify the signal to be sent to the matched process as the first argument to pkill. By default SIGTERM is assumed.

  • ptree

    ptree prints the process tree of all processes that match the specified arguments. While printing the tree, the child processes are indented to the right from their respective parent processes.


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classifications source types OS release severity type
CMD Make, Script HP-UX 11i v3 non-critical enhancement
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