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critical impact:

statfs - incompatible data type (CrCh119)

IO Impacts

Problem description

The statfs data type used by the following Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on Tru64 UNIX is incompatible with the data type on HP-UX.

On Tru64 UNIX, the statfs structure defines the following fields that are not in the HP-UX statfs structure:

short   f_flags;             /* copy of mount flags & M_VISFLAGMASK */
u_short f_namemax;           /* maximum filename length */
union mount_info mount_info; /* mount options */
char    f_mntonname[MAXPATHLEN];                                     
char    f_mntfromname[MAXPATHLEN];

long    f_fsize;             /* fundamental fs block size */      
long    f_bsize;             /* optimal transfer block size */    

The last two represent a slight change in meaning from the HP-UX version, which only defines the following:

int32_t f_bsize;             /* fundamental file system block size */


C/C++ Structure Membersf_bsize C/C++ Structure Membersf_mntfromname C/C++ Structure Membersmount_info
C/C++ Structure Membersf_flags C/C++ Structure Membersf_mntonname  
C/C++ Structure Membersf_fsize C/C++ Structure Membersf_namemax  

See also

Solution description

Applications that use this data type may or may not work properly depending on how the data type is used. Review the applicable manpages and code to determine if unexpected behavior will result.

You must modify applications to remove references to any of the listed structure fields except f_bsize. Review your code and the applicable manpages to determine how to resolve this issue.

See also

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
IO C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical changed
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