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Transition Impacts

Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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non-critical impact:

libc - undocumented Tru64 UNIX APIs (NcWn162)

KN Impacts

Problem description

The following set of APIs from the C library, libc, are not documented on Tru64 UNIX and may not be available on HP-UX.

On Tru64 UNIX, these APIs are for internal use only. Customer applications should not be referencing these APIs.


C/C++ Functionscacheflush
C/C++ Functionscdslxlate
C/C++ Functionscpusetisvalid
C/C++ Functionsidsetisvalid
C/C++ Functionsidsetmaxvalid
C/C++ Functionskloadcall
C/C++ Functionskls_client_entry
C/C++ Functionskls_client_inq_module
C/C++ Functionskls_client_inq_region
C/C++ Functionskls_client_ipc_connect_to_server
C/C++ Functionskls_client_ipc_disconnect_from_server
C/C++ Functionskls_client_ipc_receive_reply
C/C++ Functionskls_client_ipc_send_request
C/C++ Functionskls_client_load
C/C++ Functionskls_client_lookup
C/C++ Functionskls_client_lookup_package
C/C++ Functionskls_client_next_module
C/C++ Functionskls_client_unload
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_entry_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_inq_module_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_inq_region_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_load_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_lookup_package_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_lookup_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_next_module_request
C/C++ Functionskls_message_create_unload_request
C/C++ Functionsnumafork_syscall
C/C++ Functionsrealtime_kernel
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_alloc
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_free
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_init
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_lock
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_readlock
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_readunlock
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_reinit
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_trylock
C/C++ Functionsrec_mutex_unlock
C/C++ Functionssigwaitprim

See also

  • Background information on kernel impacts

Solution description

See the HP-UX documentation to determine if there is an appropriate replacement API.

See also

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
KN C any HP-UX 11i version non-critical warning
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