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Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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critical impact:

miscellaneous rpc functions - obsolete; use new functions (CrCh184)

NW Impacts

Problem description

Numerous RPC functions previously in libc have been replaced by new functions of different names.

For backward compatibility, these functions still exist. The use of these interfaces is strongly discouraged, and they may not be available in future implementations of HP-UX. The old functions have been moved to RPC libraries, alongside the recommended ones. You must use #define PORTMAP to access the obsolete interfaces.


C/C++ Functionsauthunix_create C/C++ Functionspmap_set
C/C++ Functionsauthunix_create_default C/C++ Functionspmap_unset
C/C++ Functionscallrpc C/C++ Functionsregisterrpc
C/C++ Functionsclnt_broadcast C/C++ Functionssvc_getreq
C/C++ Functionsclntraw_create C/C++ Functionssvc_register
C/C++ Functionsclnttcp_create C/C++ Functionssvc_unregister
C/C++ Functionsclntudp_bufcreate C/C++ Functionssvcfd_create
C/C++ Functionsclntudp_create C/C++ Functionssvcraw_create
C/C++ Functionsget_myaddress C/C++ Functionssvctcp_create
C/C++ Functionspmap_getmaps C/C++ Functionssvcudp_bufcreate
C/C++ Functionspmap_getport C/C++ Functionssvcudp_create
C/C++ Functionspmap_rmtcall C/C++ Functionsxdr_authunix_parms

Old behavior

#include < rpc/rpc.h >
struct sockaddr_in  myaddr;

See also

Solution description

Modify your code to use the new functions, include the correct header files, and link with the NSL library. Refer to the manpages to determine the appropriate usage.

The following functions exist only for backward compatibility, are obsolete, and have been replaced by the listed functions. You should modify your software to use the new function names.

obsolete functions        new functions
-----------------------   ----------------------
authdes_create            authdes_seccreate

authunix_create           authsys_create

authunix_create_default   authsys_create_default

callrpc                   rpc_call

clnt_broadcast            rpc_broadcast

clntraw_create            clnt_raw_create

clnttcp_create            clnt_create,

clntudp_create            clnt_create,

clntudp_bufcreate         clnt_tli_create,

get_myaddress             netdir_getbyname

pmap_getmaps              rpcb_getmaps

pmap_getport              rpcb_getaddr

pmap_rmtcall              rpcb_rmtcall

pmap_set                  rpcb_set

pmap_unset                rpcb_unset

registerrpc               rpc_reg

svc_getreq                svc_getreqset

svc_register              svc_reg

svc_unregister            svc_unreg

svcfd_create              svc_fd_create

svcraw_create             svc_raw_create

svctcp_create             svc_create,

svcudp_bufcreate          svc_tli_create,

svcudp_create             svc_create,

xdr_authunix_parms        xdr_authsys_parms

All of the preceding functions (both new and old) exist in the RPC libraries. If you plan on recompiling your program, you must use #define PORTMAP to access any of the preceding functions.

New behavior

#include < netdir.h >
struct netconfig *config;
struct t_unitdata *unit;
struct nd_addrlist *addr_list;
netdir_getbyname(config, service, &addr_list);

See also

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
NW C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical changed
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