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non-critical impact:

sigstack - obsolete; use sigaltstack (NcWn21)

SIG Impacts

Problem description

The sigstack function exists on Tru64 UNIX only for compatibility reasons. This function has been declared obsolete, and will not be available in future HP-UX releases.

The sigstack function lets an application set an alternate stack for processing signals. It is not portable because it requires the application to know the direction of stack growth. Also, it does not let an application specify the size of the alternate stack.


C/C++ Functionssigstack        

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Solution description

Use the sigaltstack function instead.

The sigaltstack function is more portable than sigstack. It also has an extra error check: it sets errno to EPERM if the application attempts to modify an active stack. Modifying an active stack is dangerous and not supported. The Tru64 UNIX sigstack does not check for this unless the application is built with _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED defined or _XOPEN_SOURCE defined to be 420 or higher.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
SIG C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version non-critical warning
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