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non-critical impact:

pax utility - option differences; temporarily available (NcWn243)

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Problem description

The pax archiving utility on Tru64 UNIX has some options that are not present in pax on HP-UX.

On Tru64 UNIX, you can use the -y option with the i option. On HP-UX, you cannot use the -y option with the i option.

The following Tru64 UNIX options are not in HP-UX:

-x xtar

Extended tar interchange format. The default blocking value for this format for character special archive files is 10240. Blocking values from 512 to 32,256 (in increments of 512) are supported. This option enables you to archive long file names and extended UID/GID values.


Prevents any extended attributes from being archived with associated files. This option is particularly useful for archiving files that are to be restored with previous versions of tar and cpio.


Positions the tape after the EOF marker on extraction or listing. The z option enables you to extract or list tapes that have multiple archives on them, one after the other, without error as a result of the tape not being positioned correctly for the next extraction or listing.

The Migration Environment contains Tru64 UNIX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), development tools, and commands and utilities to assist customers in migrating their applications from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX. Starting with HPUX 11i v3, pax utility is made available on HPUX by default.


UNIX Commandspax-V UNIX Commandspax-x UNIX Commandspax-y UNIX Commandspax-z      

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Solution description

In HPUX 11i v3 pax command has been enhanced and following new options have been added.

-H and -L

These options allow the user to control whether and to what extent pax can follow symbolic links.


This options provides information to the implementation to modify the algorithm in the various modes of operation of pax.

A new archive format 'pax interchange format' IEEE Std 1003.1, 2003 Edition has been introduced. This format supports large files (greater than or equal to 8GB), long user and group names, long pathnames and large uids and gids.

Review the manpages and your scripts to determine if they are affected by these differences.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
CMD, ME Make, Script any HP-UX 11i version non-critical warning
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