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Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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critical impact:

ESUCCESS - not supported (CrUn299)

KN Impacts

Problem description

The identified errno values exist on Tru64 UNIX, but not on HP-UX.

The ESUCCESS error value is the most widely used. It is defined as 0, the conventional UNIX success value.

The following list describes the other errno values that do not have equivalents on HP-UX:

  • EAIO - Internal AIO operation complete

  • EBADRPC - RPC structure is bad

  • ECLONEME - Tells open to clone the device

  • EDIRTY - Mounting a dirty file-system without force

  • EDUPPKG - Duplicate package name

  • EFAIL - Cannot start operation

  • EFTYPE - Inappropriate file type or format

  • EINPROG - Operation in progress

  • EMTIMERS - Too many timers

  • EPROCLIM - Too many processes

  • EPROCUNAVAIL - Bad procedure for program

  • EPROGMISMATCH - Program version wrong

  • EPROGUNAVAIL - RPC program not available

  • ERPCMISMATCH - RPC version is wrong

  • EVERSION - Version mismatch


C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEAIO C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEFTYPE C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEPROGUNAVAIL
C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEBADRPC C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEINPROG C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersERPCMISMATCH
C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersECLONEME C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEMTIMERS C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersESUCCESS
C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEDIRTY C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEPROCLIM C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEVERSION
C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEDUPPKG C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEPROCUNAVAIL  
C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEFAIL C/C++ Misc. IdentifiersEPROGMISMATCH  

See also

Solution description

Modify your code. You can define ESUCCESS either in a common header file or with the -DESUCCESS=0 compiler flag.

Enclose code that uses the other errno values within an #ifdef directive. For example, enclose code that uses EFTYPE within #ifdef EFTYPE.

See also

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
KN C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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