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critical impact:

decwcursor.h - not available; use cursorfont.h (CrUn347)

HDR Impacts

Problem description

The decwcursor.h header file exists on Tru64 UNIX but not on HP-UX. However, similar cursors are available in the cursorfont.h header file on both platforms.

The decwcursor.h header file contains identifiers for the cursor glyphs in the DECwindows-specific decw$cursor font; the cursorfont.h header file contains identifiers for the standard cursor font.

decw_c_wait_cursor is the most commonly used cursor in decwcursor.h. When the USE_OLD_DECWCURSOR macro is defined, the identifiers begin with decw$ instead of decw_ for compatibility with earlier versions of Tru64 UNIX.


C/C++ Misc. Identifiersdecw$c_wait_cursor C/C++ Header Filesdecwcursor.h
C/C++ Misc. Identifiersdecw_c_wait_cursor  

Old behavior

#include <X11/decwcursor.h>

cursor_font = XLoadFont(display, "decw$cursor");
wait_cursor = XCreateGlyphCursor(display,
XUnloadFont(display, cursor_font);

See also

Solution description

Use the cursors in cursorfont.h on both platforms.

The following table maps the cursors in decwcursor.h to similar cursors in cursorfont.h:

decwcursor.h                    cursorfont.h
-------------                   ------------
decw_c_select_cursor            XC_top_left_arrow
decw_c_leftselect_cursor        XC_top_left_arrow
decw_c_help_select_cursor       XC_hand2
decw_c_wait_cursor              XC_watch
decw_c_inactive_cursor          XC_circle
decw_c_resize_cursor            XC_sizing
decw_c_vpane_cursor             XC_sb_v_double_arrow
decw_c_hpane_cursor             XC_sb_h_double_arrow
decw_c_text_insertion_cursor    XC_xterm
decw_c_text_insertion_bl_cursor XC_xterm
decw_c_cross_hair_cursor        XC_crosshair
decw_c_draw_cursor              XC_diamond_cross
decw_c_pencil_cursor            XC_pencil
decw_c_rpencil_cursor           XC_pencil
decw_c_center_cursor            XC_center_ptr
decw_c_rightselect_cursor       XC_arrow
decw_c_wselect_cursor           XC_sb_left_arrow
decw_c_eselect_cursor           XC_sb_right_arrow
decw_c_x_cursor                 XC_X_cursor
decw_c_circle_cursor            XC_circle
decw_c_mouse_cursor             XC_mouse
decw_c_lpencil_cursor           XC_pencil
decw_c_leftgrab_cursor          XC_top_left_arrow
decw_c_grabhand_cursor          XC_center_ptr
decw_c_rightgrab_cursor         XC_arrow
decw_c_leftpointing_cursor      XC_sb_left_arrow
decw_c_uppointing_cursor        XC_sb_up_arrow
decw_c_rightpointing_cursor     XC_sb_right_arrow
decw_c_check_cursor             XC_plus
decw_c_questionmark_cursor      XC_question_arrow

New behavior

#include <X11/cursorfont.h>

wait_cursor = XCreateFontCursor(display, XC_watch);

See also

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
HDR C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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