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critical impact:

libdlm - not available (CrUn377)

CLU Impacts HDR Impacts LIB Impacts

Problem description

The libdlm library exists on Tru64 UNIX but not on HP-UX.

The distributed lock manager (DLM) library (libdlm) for Tru64 UNIX TruCluster Server contains APIs that allow cooperating processes in a cluster to synchronize access to a shared resource, such as a raw disk device, a file, or a program. Tru64 UNIX customer applications may have been developed to incorporate DLM APIs, which are not available on HP-UX.


Programming Libraries-ldlm C/C++ Functionsdlm_notify
C/C++ Functionsdlm C/C++ Functionsdlm_nsjoin
C/C++ Functionsdlm_cancel C/C++ Functionsdlm_nsleave
C/C++ Functionsdlm_convert C/C++ Functionsdlm_perrno
C/C++ Functionsdlm_cvt C/C++ Functionsdlm_perror
C/C++ Functionsdlm_detach C/C++ Functionsdlm_quecvt
C/C++ Functionsdlm_get_lkinfo C/C++ Functionsdlm_quelock
C/C++ Functionsdlm_get_rsbinfo C/C++ Functionsdlm_quelocktp
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_attach C/C++ Functionsdlm_rd_attach
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_attach_sys C/C++ Functionsdlm_rd_collect
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_create C/C++ Functionsdlm_rd_detach
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_create_sys C/C++ Functionsdlm_rd_traverse
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_destroy C/C++ Functionsdlm_rd_validate
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_destroy_sys C/C++ Functionsdlm_set_signal
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_detach C/C++ Functionsdlm_sperrno
C/C++ Functionsdlm_glc_detach_sys C/C++ Functionsdlm_unlk
C/C++ Functionsdlm_lk C/C++ Functionsdlm_unlock
C/C++ Functionsdlm_lktp Programming Librarieslibdlm.a
C/C++ Functionsdlm_lock Programming Librarieslibdlm.so
C/C++ Functionsdlm_locktp C/C++ Header Filessys/dlm.h

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Solution description

There is no equivalent to the TruCluster Server DLM (libdlm) APIs on HP-UX. Therefore, applications with DLM API dependencies will need to be modified or rewritten.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
CLU, HDR, LIB C, C++, Make, Script any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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