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critical impact:

libimc - not available (CrUn380)

CLU Impacts HDR Impacts LIB Impacts

Problem description

The libimc library exists on Tru64 UNIX but not on HP-UX. However, similar functionality is available.

The Tru64 UNIX Memory Channel library (libimc) provides highly efficient memory sharing between Memory Channel API cluster members, featuring automatic error-handling, locking, and UNIX style protections. Memory Channel support is not available on HP-UX. However, other cluster interconnect options are supported by Serviceguard on HP-UX.


Programming Libraries-limc C/C++ Functionsimc_lkalloc
C/C++ Functionsimc_api_init C/C++ Functionsimc_lkdealloc
C/C++ Functionsimc_asalloc C/C++ Functionsimc_lkrelease
C/C++ Functionsimc_asattach C/C++ Functionsimc_perror
C/C++ Functionsimc_asattach_ptp C/C++ Functionsimc_query
C/C++ Functionsimc_asdealloc C/C++ Functionsimc_rderrcnt
C/C++ Functionsimc_asdetach C/C++ Functionsimc_rderrcnt_mr
C/C++ Functionsimc_bcopy C/C++ Functionsimc_release
C/C++ Functionsimc_block C/C++ Functionsimc_setperfreg
C/C++ Functionsimc_block_create C/C++ Functionsimc_wait_cc
C/C++ Functionsimc_ckerrcnt C/C++ Functionsimc_wait_cluster_event
C/C++ Functionsimc_ckerrcnt_mr Programming Librarieslibimc.a
C/C++ Functionsimc_cmp_store_int Programming Librarieslibimc.so
C/C++ Functionsimc_cmp_store_long C/C++ Functionsmcm_disconnect
C/C++ Functionsimc_err_init C/C++ Functionsmcm_epaddr
C/C++ Functionsimc_getclusterinfo C/C++ Functionsmcm_epbind
C/C++ Functionsimc_gethostid C/C++ Functionsmcm_epclose
C/C++ Functionsimc_gethosts C/C++ Functionsmcm_epcnct
C/C++ Functionsimc_getmembers C/C++ Functionsmcm_epcreate
C/C++ Functionsimc_getperfreg C/C++ Functionsmcm_procinit
C/C++ Functionsimc_getversion C/C++ Functionsmcm_rtarg
C/C++ Functionsimc_init C/C++ Functionsmcm_sysinit
C/C++ Functionsimc_kill C/C++ Header Filessys/imc.h
C/C++ Functionsimc_lkacquire  

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Solution description

Evaluate alternative cluster interconnect options and modify your applications accordingly.

Customer applications with Memory Channel dependencies will need to migrate to a LAN-based interconnect such as GigaBit Ethernet, or to a high-speed interconnect such as HyperFabric or InfiniBand on HP-UX. HP InfiniBand offers Interconnect Transport API (IT-API) support, which provides a standard API to reduce additional porting efforts and costs.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
CLU, HDR, LIB C, C++, Make, Script any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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