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critical impact:

AdvFS library and commands - not available; similar functionality exists (CrUn381)

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Problem description

The libadvfs library and Advanced File System (AdvFS) command set exist on Tru64 UNIX but not on HP-UX.

AdvFS is not available on HP-UX. However, similar functionality is available.


Programming Libraries-ladvfs
Programming Libraries-lmsfs
UNIX Commandsaddvol
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_add_vol_to_svc_class
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_clonefset
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_disk_error
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_errmsg
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_fset_get_stats
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ftx_profile
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_bf_iattributes
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_bf_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_bkup_xtnt_map
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_fdmn_list
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_file_attributes
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_fset_list
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_fset_quotas
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_global_stats
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_idx_bf_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_lock_stats
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_vol_bf_descs
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_vol_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_get_vol_params2
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_migrate
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_move_bf_metadata
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_post_user_event
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_remove_bf
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_remove_name
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_remove_vol_from_svc_class
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_remove_volume
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_reset_free_space_cache
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_rewrite_xtnt_map
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_rmfset
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_bf_attributes
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_bf_iattributes
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_bf_next_alloc_vol
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_file_attributes
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_fset_quotas
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_next_tag
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_set_vol_ioq_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_dmn_ops
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_get_fraglist
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_get_hotlist
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_get_license
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_get_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_set_license
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_ss_set_params
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_switch_log
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_switch_root_tagdir
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_tag_stat
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_xtntmap_close
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_xtntmap_next_byte
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_xtntmap_next_page
C/C++ Functionsadvfs_xtntmap_open
UNIX Commandsadvfsd
UNIX Commandsadvfsstat
UNIX Commandsadvscan
UNIX Commandsbalance
C/C++ Functionschecklsm
UNIX Commandschfile
UNIX Commandschfsets
UNIX Commandschvol
UNIX Commandsclonefset
UNIX Commandsdtadvfs
UNIX Commandsfixfdmn
C/C++ Functionsget_dev_size
C/C++ Functionsislsm
C/C++ Functionsislsm64
Programming Librarieslibadvfs.a
Programming Librarieslibadvfs.so
Programming Librarieslibmsfs.a
Programming Librarieslibmsfs.so
UNIX Commandslsmsa
UNIX Commandsmigrate
UNIX Commandsmkfdmn
UNIX Commandsmkfset
UNIX Commandsmktrashcan
UNIX Commandsmountlist
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_add_overlapping_stg
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_add_stg
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_add_vol_done
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_add_volume
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_check_on_disk_version
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_crash
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_dmn_init
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_dump_locks
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_event
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_clone
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_create
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_delete
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_get_id
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_get_info
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_fset_rename
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_bf_xtnt_map
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_bfset_params
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_dmn_params
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_dmn_vol_list
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_dmnname_params
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_get_name
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_lmf_advanced
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_lmf_check
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_opcode_to_name
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_rem_vol_done
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_remove_stg
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_set_bfset_params
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_set_bfset_params_activate
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_set_dmn_params
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_skip_on_disk_version_check
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_syscall
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_trace
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_undel_attach
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_undel_detach
C/C++ Functionsmsfs_undel_get
UNIX Commandsnvbmtpg
UNIX Commandsnvfragpg
UNIX Commandsnvlogpg
UNIX Commandsnvtagpg
UNIX Commandsrenamefset
UNIX Commandsrmfdmn
UNIX Commandsrmfset
UNIX Commandsrmtrashcan
UNIX Commandsrmvol
UNIX Commandssalvage
UNIX Commandssavemeta
UNIX Commandsshowfdmn
UNIX Commandsshowfile
UNIX Commandsshowfsets
UNIX Commandsshtrashcan
UNIX Commandsstripe
UNIX Commandsswitchlog
C/C++ Header Filessys/advfs_syscalls.h
UNIX Commandstag2name
C/C++ Functionstask_getrusage
UNIX Commandsvdf
UNIX Commandsvfilepg
C/C++ Functionsvolume_avail
C/C++ Functionsvolume_in_use

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Solution description

Evaluate the alternative file system options available on HP-UX and modify your applications accordingly.

Tru64 UNIX AdvFS, when used on a standalone system or on a single node in a cluster, offers comparable capabilities to OnlineJFS (VxFS - VERITAS File System) on HP-UX. Both of these products are log-based journaled file systems and are managed using similar concepts.

The following list provide a brief description of the file system products now available for HP-UX 11i, or that will be available with HP-UX 11i v2:

  • JFS (Journaled File System), the base VxFS journaled file system, is bundled in the Foundation Operation Environment of HP-UX 11i. It does not support direct I/O or kernel-level Oracle asynchronous I/O options, and is not recommended for transactional (OLTP) databases.
  • OnlineJFS (Online Journaled File System) is the enhanced journaled file system provided with the HP-UX 11i Enterprise and Mission Critical Operating Environments. It is also known as VERITAS VxFS (VERITAS File System). This product supports direct I/O through extended mount options, but not kernel-level Oracle asynchronous I/O (this is planned for a future release). It is currently the most advanced file system available under HP-UX 11i v2. It may be used to house database datafiles, but currently supports only synchronous I/O on the HP Integrity server platform. You can also purchase OnlineJFS as a standalone product from HP.
  • VERITAS CFS (VERITAS Cluster File System) capabilities will be integrated with Serviceguard (planned availability in Q3CY2005). The VERITAS CFS provides for file system sharing across clustered nodes and has functionality comparable to that of Tru64 UNIX AdvFS/CFS. VERITAS CFS can support shared file system access across cluster members if they are mounted globally. The primary difference between VERITAS CFS capabilities and those of Tru64 UNIX AdvFS/CFS is the lack of shared root access for a single OS image across cluster members.

AdvFS filesets will not be supported on HP-UX 11i. However, comparable functionality is available through the use of VERITAS (VxVM) logical volumes.

Your data will need to be moved from the Tru64 UNIX AdvFS file system to the HP-UX 11i OnlineJFS (VxFS) file system. For more information on the migration of data and file systems from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i, please see the HP Transition Modules.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
CLU, CMD, HDR, LIB C, C++, Make, Script any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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