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Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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critical impact:

CAA administration commands - not available; similar functionality exists (CrUn382)

CLU Impacts CMD Impacts

Problem description

The TruCluster Server cluster application availability (CAA) administration commands exist on Tru64 UNIX but not on HP-UX.

The Tru64 UNIX CAA subsystem tracks the state of members and resources (such as networks,applications, tape drives, and media changers) in a cluster and ensures that applications run on members that meet their needs. CAA administration commands do not exist on HP-UX; however, they have similar counterparts available in Serviceguard Package Manager for HP-UX.


UNIX Commandscaa_balance UNIX Commandscaa_report UNIX Commandscaa_unregister
UNIX Commandscaa_profile UNIX Commandscaa_start UNIX Commandscaad
UNIX Commandscaa_register UNIX Commandscaa_stat  
UNIX Commandscaa_relocate UNIX Commandscaa_stop  

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Solution description

The Serviceguard Package Manager for HP-UX contains commands offering similar functionality to CAA administration commands on Tru64 UNIX.

The following table lists the TruCluster CAA commands that have Serviceguard Package Manager CLI counterparts with similar functionality:

Tru64 UNIX CAA   Serviceguard    Description
caa_stat         cmviewcl        Provides status on the current state 
                                 of the cluster members and services.
caa_profile      cmmodpkg        Manages resource/package attributes.
caa_register     cmmakepkg       Registers a resource/package.
caa_start        cmrunpkg        Starts a resource/package.
caa_relocate     cmrunpkg &      Relocates an application.
caa_stop         cmhaltpkg       Stops a resource/package.
caa_unregister   cmmodpkg        Removes an application from CAA control.

Refer to Chapter 3 in the Managing MC/ServiceGuard document for an overview of the Serviceguard Package Manager functionality. Appendix A also provides a list of MC/Serviceguard commands used for Serviceguard cluster configuration and maintenance.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
CLU, CMD Make, Script any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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