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Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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critical impact:

Thread-Independent Services (tis) - not supported; temporarily available (CrUn42)

ME Impacts TH Impacts

Problem description

The Thread-independent services (tis) routines are specific to Tru64 UNIX, and are not supported on HP-UX.

The tis routines compose a Compaq proprietary interface to the DECthreads multitasking library. Although these routines are not supported on HP-UX, they will be temporarily provided on HP-UX through the installation of the Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX.

The Migration Environment contains Tru64 UNIX APIs, development tools, and commands and utilities to assist customers in migrating their applications from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX.


C/C++ Functionstis_cond_broadcast C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_trylock
C/C++ Functionstis_cond_destroy C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_unlock
C/C++ Functionstis_cond_init C/C++ Functionstis_once
C/C++ Functionstis_cond_signal C/C++ Functionstis_read_lock
C/C++ Functionstis_cond_timedwait C/C++ Functionstis_read_trylock
C/C++ Functionstis_cond_wait C/C++ Functionstis_read_unlock
C/C++ Functionstis_get_expiration C/C++ Functionstis_rwlock_destroy
C/C++ Functionstis_getspecific C/C++ Functionstis_rwlock_init
C/C++ Functionstis_key_create C/C++ Functionstis_self
C/C++ Functionstis_key_create_new C/C++ Functionstis_setcancelstate
C/C++ Functionstis_key_delete C/C++ Functionstis_setspecific
C/C++ Functionstis_lock_global C/C++ Functionstis_testcancel
C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_destroy C/C++ Functionstis_unlock_global
C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_init C/C++ Functionstis_write_lock
C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_initwithname C/C++ Functionstis_write_trylock
C/C++ Functionstis_mutex_lock C/C++ Functionstis_write_unlock

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Solution description

The tis routines will be temporarily provided on HP-UX through the Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX, not as part of the base HP-UX operating system. For a long-term solution, we recommend that you change your code.

Change each tis routine to its corresponding pthread routine on HP-UX, and include the following line in your code:

#include <pthread.h>

The following table shows Tru64 UNIX tis routines and their corresponding HP-UX pthread routines:

tis Routine                     pthread Routine
-----------                     ---------------
tis_write_unlock                pthread_rwlock_unlock 
tis_write_trylock               pthread_rwlock_trywrlock
tis_write_lock                  pthread_rwlock_wrlock 
tis_testcancel                  pthread_testcancel 
tis_setspecific                 pthread_setspecific
tis_setcancelstate              pthread_setcancelstate
tis_self                        pthread_self 
tis_rwlock_destroy              pthread_rwlock_destroy
tis_read_unlock                 pthread_rwlock_unlock
tis_read_trylock                pthread_rwlock_tryrlock
tis_read_lock                   pthread_rwlock_rdlock
tis_once                        pthread_once
tis_mutex_unlock                pthread_mutex_unlock 
tis_mutex_trylock               pthread_mutex_trylock 
tis_mutex_lock                  pthread_mutex_lock
tis_mutex_destroy               pthread_mutex_destroy
tis_key_delete                  pthread_key_delete 
tis_getspecific                 pthread_getspecific 
tis_cond_wait                   pthread_cond_wait 
tis_cond_timedwait              pthread_cond_timedwait
tis_cond_signal                 pthread_cond_signal 
tis_cond_destroy                pthread_cond_destroy
tis_cond_broadcast              pthread_cond_broadcast
tis_key_create                  pthread_key_create 
tis_mutex_init	                pthread_mutex_init
tis_mutex_initwithname	        pthread_mutex_init
tis_key_create_new	        pthread_key_create
tis_cond_init	                pthread_cond_init
tis_rwlock_init	                pthread_rwlock_init
tis_get_expiration              None

You can also replace the tis_get_expiration routine by with the proper portable POSIX code, by calling clock_gettime() and computing the proper struct timespec timeout.

Any code that depends on the global lock routines (tis_lock_global and tis_unlock_global) is extremely inefficient. Redesign your code by developing real locking strategies that do not bottleneck the entire application.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
ME, TH C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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