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Tru64 UNIX Software Transition Kit


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critical impact:

Miscellaneous security-related APIs - not supported (CrUn57)

SEC Impacts

Problem description

The identified Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) exist on Tru64 UNIX and may or may not exist on HP-UX. Any that do exist are unsupported and undocumented, and their use may result in unexpected behavior.

  • syscall - provides the functionality of an indirect system call.

  • expacct - expands accounting record.

  • setpwfile - sets the new default password file to be user-specified filename instead of /etc/passwd.

  • crypt16 subroutine - is identical to the crypt function except that it will accept a password up to sixteen characters in length. It generates a longer encrypted password for use with enhanced security features.

  • uadmin - provides administrative control.

  • swapctl - manages the system swap space.

  • setlogin - sets the login name of the user associated with the current session.

  • getsysinfo - gets system information.

  • setsysinfo - sets system information.

  • pid_block, pid_unblock - stops (blocks) or resumes (unblocks) the specified process.

  • fuser - reports PIDS and UIDs for files, file systems and/or devices attached to them.

Note: swapctl API has been supported starting from HPUX 11iv3.


C/C++ Functionscrypt16 C/C++ Functionsgetsysinfo C/C++ Functionssetlogin C/C++ Functionsswapctl
C/C++ Functionsexpacct C/C++ Functionspid_block C/C++ Functionssetpwfile C/C++ Functionssyscall
C/C++ Functionsfuser C/C++ Functionspid_unblock C/C++ Functionssetsysinfo C/C++ Functionsuadmin

See also

Solution description

Review your code and the applicable manpages to determine how to resolve this issue.

Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
SEC C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical unavailable
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