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critical impact:

getdiskbyname - incompatible return type (CrCh70)

IO Impacts

Problem description

The Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX return types for getdiskbyname are incompatible. On Tru64 UNIX, the function prototype is as follows:

struct disktab *getdiskbyname(const char *name);

On HP-UX, the function prototype is as follows:

struct disklabel *getdiskbyname (char *name);

The getdiskbyname routine gets the disk description using a disk name. On Tru64 UNIX, the <sys/disklabel.h> header file defines the return types for this routine as follows:

struct disklabel {
    u_int       d_magic ;
    short       d_type ;
    short       d_subtype ;
    char        d_typename[16] ;
    union       d_un ;
    u_int       d_secsize ;
    u_int       d_nsectors ;
    u_int       d_ntracks ;
    u_int       d_ncylinders ;
    u_int       d_secpercyl ;
    u_int       d_secperunit ;
    u_short     d_sparespertrack ;
    u_short     d_sparespercyl ;
    u_int       d_acylinders ;
    u_short     d_rpm ;
    u_short     d_interleave ;
    u_short     d_trackskew ;
    u_short     d_cylskew ;
    u_int       d_headswitch ;
    u_int       d_trkseek ;
    u_int       d_flags ;
    u_int       d_drivedata[5] ;
    u_int       d_spare[5] ;
    u_int       d_magic2 ;
    u_short     d_checksum ;
    u_short     d_npartitions ;
    u_int       d_bbsize ;
    u_int       d_sbsize ;
    struct partition d_partitions[8] ;
} ;

On HP-UX, the <disktab.h> header file defines the return types for this routine as follows:

struct disktab {
    char *      d_name ;
    char *      d_type ;
    int         d_secsize ;
    int         d_ntracks ;
    int         d_nsectors ;
    int         d_ncylinders ;
    int         d_rpm ;
    struct partition d_partitions[] ;} ;


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Solution description

Review the applicable manpages and code to determine if your code has any dependencies on the return types.

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Problem summary

classifications source types OS release severity type
IO C, C++ any HP-UX 11i version critical changed
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