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Company Name : AutoForm Engineering GmbH
Product/Service Contact :  
  Name : Waldemar,Kubli
  Phone : +41 1 445 2121
  E-mail: autoform@autoform.ch
Product/Service Name : AutoForm
Description :
A finite element programme for the simulation of sheet-metal forming processes. Based on a new implicit, incremental method. Very fast and robust, especially for large panels in the automotive industry.
Business Problem Addressed : No data available
Target Customers :
No data available
Purchase decision by :
No data available
Recent press, awards, recognition, or news about this product : No data available
Platforms :
HP AlphaServer(TM)
HP Desktop and Notebook
Operating Systems :
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Operating Systems
Tru64(TM) UNIX(R)
Market Segment :
High Peformance Computing
Application Type :
General Engineering
Scientific research
Product/Service Country of Development Information :
  Company Name : AutoForm Engineering GmbH
  Product/Service   Developed in: Switzerland
Specific Country Availability : Germany, Switzerland
Last updated date: November 30, 2007
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