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Adaptive Enterprise
 » Agile licensing for an Adaptive Enterprise (.PDF, 160.32KB)
 » Converged fabrics: Emerging technologies for simplifying data center infrastructure
 » HP ProLiant High Availability white papers
 » HP Serviceguard & Serviceguard Extensions for RAC (Free download for partners)
 » HP Serviceguard Solutions for Linux
 » HP TruCluster server software
 » High performance computing distributed storage cluster – Terrascale architecture and installation
 » ProLiant clusters documentation
 » Serviceguard for Linux order and configuration guide (PDF,343KB)
 » Serviceguard mixed cluster configuations white paper (PDF, 358KB)
 » Debugging a PA-RISC application/core file on Itanium®-based system
 » HP WDB tutorial
 » STREAMS debugging tool (STRDB)
 » gdb for HP-UX 11
 » VIM for HP-UX 11
End of Life / Archive
 » A tricky problem with shared library versioning
 » Access packed data structs from HP aC++
 » Accessing a disk as a raw byte stream
 » An aCC compile that just stops
 » Avoid name clash with "times" symbol
 » CC and aCC on the same system
 » Check if a floating point number is NaN
 » Compiling Lex and Yacc
 » Debugging a live kernel
 » Debugging threads
 » Detecting whether cfront C++ or aC++ is being used
 » Don't use -l flags that you don't need
 » Exercise caution when using +e to export symbols from a shared library
 » Find an unsatisfied symbol
 » Floating installation of aC++
 » Generating dependencies using +M
 » Getting the correct format for floating point in the local language
 » HP C++ (cfront) Programmer's Guide
 » HP aC++ Online help
 » How to create unpadded, byte-aligned structures
 » How to embed the version number in an executable
 » How to find the shared library dependency hierarchy for a binary
 » How to force a stack trace with a signal
 » If I have HP C++ (cfront) on support, how do I get HP aC++?
 » Include Oracle header files
 » Initialize a string with a NULL pointer
 » Is there any relative performance index of programs/benchmarks compiled with both HP C++ (cfront) and HP aC++?
 » Keep global definitions out of header files
 » Linker won't look in /usr/lib for libm.sl
 » Locating shared libs from SHLIB_PATH
 » Missing X library on 64-bit
 » Mixing disk I/O requests with read/write/lseek requests
 » Modifying code on the fly
 » Mysterious PA 2.0 object file errors
 » Override name mangling for dynamically mapped library name resolution
 » Porting codelibs library applications to STL
 » Porting applications to HP OpenVMS Industry Standard 64
 » Prevent outside symbol resolution when demand loading a shared lib
 » Problem displaying HP-UX X11R6 application on Sun
 » Quick and dirty driver debugging
 » Remove an executable that failed the link due to unresolved symbols
 » Required compiler flag for porting driver to 64-bit
 » See order of include files leading to an error
 » Speeding up link times with +objdebug
 » Strip a debuggable executable
 » The +Z PIC option is the default for 64-bit code
 » Threads and iostream interactions
 » Throwing exceptions from a signal handler--DON'T
 » Tight loop eating CPU when linking lots of .o files
 » Turn off an aCC warning that you do not wish to see
 » Understanding +DA and +DS (the long version)
 » Understanding +DA and +DS (the short version)
 » Unsatisfied symbols when linking with cfront template library (lib++.a)
 » What is HP's official strategy for HP C++ (cfront) and HP aC++?
 » What is the equivalent for complex.h on HP?
 » What shared libraries are used in a running executable?
 » What to do about "invalid loader fixup" errors
 » Where can I find HP C++ (cfront) to HP aC++ porting information, including frequently encountered error messages?
 » Where is odump on HP-UX 11i?
 » Workaround for duplicate symbol errors
 » Annex A - Decimal floating point for HP-UX
HP BladeSystems
 » HP BladeSystem Power Sizer
 » The business case for adopting blade systems in the data center (.PDF, 582KB)
HP Integrity servers
 » HP-UX Developer Summit 2011  This link features content viewable by AllianceOne members only.
 » Itanium® based midrange servers from HP (.PDF, 949KB)
 » Meet the HP Integrity Superdome (.PDF, 331KB)
 » Transitioning SAP environments from HP-UX 11i on HP 9000 servers to HP-UX 11i on Integrity servers
HP ProLiant servers
 » ProLiant networking
HP StorageWorks
 » Grid, storage grid, and the HP StorageWorks grid (.PDF, 254 KB)
 » Network attached storage
 » Oracle Real Application Clusters on HP ProLiant DL300 series with HP StorageWorks MSA2000 – sample configuration
 » Software and storage management appliance
 » Storage Area Network (SAN)
 » Storage array systems
 » Storage solutions
 » Tape storage systems
High performance technical computing
 » HP Unified Parallel C (UPC)
Languages: C
 » C language reference manual for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » HP C/ANSI C patch release history
 » HP Tru64 UNIX programmer's guide (developers' toolkit supplement V5.1A)
 » Performance Tips for Alpha C programmers (PDF, 181KB)
Languages: C#
 » Bertrand Meyer's .NET training course
 » C# unleashed
 » HP books releases .NET programming, trusted computing guides
 » Presenting C#
Languages: C++
 » A sample of a program that can find itself (getcwd getenv)
 » Coredump in __fflush_unlocked 11.23
 » HP aC++ FAQ
 » HP aC++ and HP C Online Programmer's Guide
 » HP aC++ and U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) date changes (PDF, 125KB)
 » HP aC++ transition guide (HP C++ to HP aC++)
 » HP aC++ version A.01.21 online programmer's guide
 » HP aC++ version A.03.13 online programmer's guide (HTML)
 » HP aC++ version A.03.26 online programmer's guide (HP-UX 11i) (HTML)
 » How can I force the compiler to include the library by default?
 » Library Providers’ Guide to Symbol Binding
 » The assert macro
 » Versioning your shared library (PDF, 34 KB) (Pub. 1995)
 » What is -AA?
Languages: Fortran
 » HP Fortran compilers
Languages: Java™
 » "Error: Duplicate metrics" when opening forum
 » Displaying, debugging and performance tuning information with tusc
 » J2EE Security for Servlets, EJBs, and Web Services
 » PA-RISC and Itanium HP-UX Java™ 2 programmer's guide
 » Profiling Java™ applications on HP-UX
 » Programmer's guide for Java™ 2
 » Where can I obtain javax.comm (Java™ communications API)?
 » Highly available networks (PDF, 117 KB)
 » RDMA protocol: improving network performance
Operating systems: HP-UX
 » 64-bit mode ELF object file format
 » A comparison of the time interfaces on HP-UX/Itanium (35.0KB, PDF)
 » An Efficient "Online & Automatic" Backup Mechanism in HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23) (PDF, 103KB)
 » Best practices for Oracle on HP-UX 11.0 or 11i Foundation Operating System (PPT, 5.8MB)
 » Developing high performance HP-UX applications for Itanium®-based systems (PPT, 814KB)
 » Ensuring your HP-UX build environment is up-to-date
 » Exemplar C and Fortran 77 programmer's guide
 » HP C/HP-UX programmer's guide (HP-UX 11.0) (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX reference manual (HP-UX 11.0) (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX release notes for HP-UX 11.0 (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX release notes for HP-UX 11.01 (HTML)
 » HP Management software for HP-UX
 » HP Serviceguard with IBM Informix Dynamic Server on HP 9000 and HP Integrity servers
 » HP aC++/HP C A.06.26 Programmer's Guide
 » HP compilers for HP Integrity servers
 » HP-UX 11i compatibility between HP-UX releases across hardware platforms
 » HP-UX 11i ecosystem for developers and ISVs
 » HP-UX 11i kiosk (PA-RISC or HP Integrity platforms)  This link features content viewable by AllianceOne members only.
 » HP-UX 11i memory management
 » HP-UX 11i technical white papers
 » HP-UX 11i v2 documentation
 » HP-UX 11i v2 operating system (free download for partners)
 » HP-UX 11i v2 update 2 release includes these two key enhancements
 » HP-UX 11i v3 operating system (free download for partners)
 » HP-UX 11i: A Foundation for Enterprise Computing
 » HP-UX Linker and Libraries User Guide for HP-UX 11i
 » HP-UX Linker and Libraries User's Guide for 11iv2
 » HP-UX Workload Manager Toolkit user guide
 » HP-UX core operating system and application CDs (free media for partners)
 » HP-UX product and solution briefs
 » HP-UX security features supercede trusted mode
 » HP-UX server support matrix
 » How can I determine which HP-UX version I have and which processor it supports?
 » How can I retrieve the system serial number or PDC firmware revision from the command line or in scripts?
 » How kernel memory is allocated and can be controlled in a vPars environment
 » How to determine the number of threads in a process
 » Improving Scalability Using POSIX Thread Condition Variables (63.0KB, PDF)
 » Managing kernel configurations in HP-UX 11i v2
 » Memory usage on HP-UX Integrity servers
 » Mission-critical HP-UX 11i v2 WebSphere Reference Architecture white paper
 » Optimizing Itanium-based applications
 » Oracle Applications 11i in a Split Configuration (PDF, 236KB)
 » Oracle9i release 2 for Itanium®-based HP-UX 11i (version 1.6)
 » SCSI solutions white paper
 » Sybase ASE high availability configuration on the HP-UX 11i Foundation Operating Environment (PDF, 185KB)
 » Taking SAS® to the enterprise: Kernel configuration guidelines for SAS 9 on HP-UX 11i v3
 » Transport options negotiation in HP-UX 11i v1
 » Using the interval timer counter on Intel® Itanium® for measurements
 » What is Driver Minor Number Build Function ?
 » ccNUMA overview
 » vfs_vm.h for HP-UX 11.0
 » vfs_vm.h for HP-UX 11i v1
Operating systems: Linux
 » Introduction to Linux development (PDF, 51 KB)
 » Linux Runtime Environment for HP-UX (beta)
 » Linux links
 » Red Hat Linux Alpha documentation
Operating systems: OpenVMS
 » Announcing OpenVMS V8.4 field test
Operating systems: Tru64 UNIX
 » HP Alpha systems
 » HP Tru64 UNIX binary compatibility statement
 » HP Tru64 UNIX online documentation and reference pages
 » HP Tru64 UNIX software development kit (SDK)
 » HP Tru64 UNIX technical information
 » Installing Oracle applications 11.5.9 on hp AlphaServer platforms running hp Tru64 UNIX (PDF, 533KB)
 » Measuring DTB misses with DCPI on Alpha (PDF, 20KB)
 » Measuring load latency with the DCPI value profiler (PDF, 33KB)
 » Using DCPI/ProfileMe performance measures to assess program performance (PDF, 103KB)
Operating systems: Windows®
 » Configuration guidelines for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 on the HP Integrity servers with SAS V9.1 (PDF, 96 KB)
 » HP Business Intelligence Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
 » HP Planning Tool for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2
 » HP ProLiant Transaction Processing Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (x64)
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint
 » HP Smart Array P800 controller and HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array
 » HP Virtual Connect architecture and Citrix Presentation Server for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
 » HP server based computing
 » Instructions for installing Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 on HP ProLiant and HP tc servers
 » Sizing HP ProLiant and BladeSystem 64-bit servers for Exchange 2007 and large mailbox storage constraints
 » Transitioning to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 on HP ProLiant servers and HP StorageWorks
Performance tools
 » Commonly misconfigured HP-UX resources
 » Enhancing the performance of IBM TXSeries CICS on HP-UX through program caching
 » HP (Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI)
 » HP Caliper latest release
 » HP Caliper: Resources to help you learn about HP Integrity servers microarchitecture
 » HP Operations and Performance Manager
 » HP's Mathematical Software Library (MLIB) product information
 » HP-UX Performance Cookbook (PDF, 134 KB)
 » HP-UX VxFS performance and tuning
 » HP-UX memory management
 » Implementing Spinlocks on the Intel® Itanium® processor family and PA-RISC
 » Intel® Itanium® processor family performance tuning guide (PDF, 484kb)
 » Math libraries
 » Performance characterization of HP ProLiant BL685c G5 with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors (2.7 GHz) in a 64-bit HP Server Based Computing environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant BL460c server blades with Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors (3.2 GHz/2x2 MB) in an HP SBC environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant BL465c server blades with AMD Opteron processor Model 2218 (2.6 GHz/2x1 MB) in an HP SBC environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant BL480c server blades
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant BL685c server blades with AMD Opteron processor Model 8218 (2.6 GHz/2x1 MB) in a 64-bit HP SBC environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant DL365 servers with AMD Opteron processor Model 2218 (2.6 GHz/2x1 MB) in a 32-bit HP SBC environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant DL585 G2 servers
 » Performance of HP ProLiant BL465c G5 with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors (2.7 GHz) in a 64-bit HP SBC environment
 » Performance of HP ProLiant servers featuring dual-core processors in an HP Server Based Computing environment with a Citrix access infrastructure
 » Profiling to tune C programs on Alpha (PDF, 129KB)
 » Using HP Caliper to analyze effective floating-point load latency
 » Using HP Caliper to identify a CPU- or memory-related performance problem
 » Using HP Caliper to measure integer load latency
 » Using HP Caliper to measure performance data related to Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLBs)
 » Using HP Caliper to perform bubble (stall) analysis on a simple example program
 » Using HP Caliper with an application program to characterize the Itanium® memory hierarchy
 » Announcing new transition tools in the updated Transition Modules
 » Database migration from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX
 » HP ARIES Dynamic Binary Translator
 » HP ARIES performance details
 » HP ARIES technical support
 » HP ARIES troubleshooting tips and self help options
 » HP Aries FAQ
 » HP Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Informix Extended Parallel Server (PDF, 451KB)
 » HP Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Progress Software OpenEdge RDBMS & 4GL (PDF, 239KB)
 » HP Tru64 UNIX porting guides
 » HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i Porting Guide for PA-RISC and Itanium®-based Systems
 » HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i: transition tools and methodologies
 » HP migration resources guide (PDF, 223KB)
 » HP-UX 11i application compatibility criteria
 » HP-UX HP 9000 Transition Strategies for DB2
 » HP-UX HP 9000 transition strategies for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)
 » Migrating Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) from PA-RISC to HP Integrity servers
 » Modules available for transitioning HP 9000 systems to HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity servers
 » Oracle 10g: from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP Integrity Servers using heterogeneous transportable tablespaces (PDF, 158KB)
 » Porting C++ code from PA-RISC to HP-UX for HP Integrity servers
 » Porting Microsoft Windows® applications to HP-UX
 » Porting Microsoft Windows® applications to Itanium-based systems
 » Porting Tip: Check all parameters
 » Porting from PA-RISC to Itanium®-based systems
 » Problem with attach & library loading
 » Problem with migrating based on Compuware Uniface (ugetregs() in '3gl.h')
 » Solaris to HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK)
 » Sybase ASE Database Migration from HP-UX 11i for HP 9000 to HP-UX 11i v2 for HP Integrity
 » Sybase database migration: HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i v1.6 or later
 » System tunable mapping: Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i v2
 » Transition resources for Solaris to HP-UX 11i
 » Transitioning C and aC++ programs to the 64-bit data model
 » Transitioning technical skills from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX (PDF, 368 KB)
 » Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Informix Dynamic Server (PDF, 128KB)
Resource management
 » Best practices for Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II
 » Creating custom tool definition files for HP Systems Insight Manager
 » Estimating memory usage when migrating from HP-UX PA-RISC to HP-UX Integrity servers
 » HP partitioning continuum for HP-UX 11i (HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE))
Runtime environments
 » C++ runtime environments (-AA and -AP) on HP-UX
 » Designing a secure wireless LAN with the HP-UX AAA RADIUS Server
 » HP-UX 11i AAA server product brief (174KB, PDF)
 » HP-UX 11i IPSec security solutions
 » HP-UX 11i Internet Express
 » HP-UX 11i security containment features
 » HP-UX kerberos server white paper (PDF, 627KB)
 » HP-UX shadow passwords
 » Network security features of HP-UX 11i v1 and 11i v2
 » Stack buffer overflow protection in HP-UX 11i white paper (PDF, 104KB)
 » The SANS Institute
 » Using HP-UX Role-Based Access Control (PDF, 303KB)
Software Transition & Development Kits
 » API list-Linux Porting Kit
 » Assistance-Linux Porting Kit
 » C Developer's Toolkit for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » Event Monitoring Service (EMS) developer's kit (FREE)
 » HP Alpha OpenVMS development software
 » HP OpenCall SS7 SDK datasheet (PDF)
 » HP-UX Software Development Kit user's guide
 » Java™ on HP-UX 11.0 & 11i FAQs
 » STK 3.1 Features
 » libhplx-Linux porting kit
Software development environments
 » 32/64-bit cross-platform development
 » Adaptive address space in HP-UX 11i v2 for HP Integrity servers
 » HP-UX operating system release history
 » HP-UX software products index
 » Softbench documentation
 » Statement of binary compatibility across hardware platforms (PDF, 125 KB)
Storage arrays
 » HP Smart Array Controller technology
Testing / Test tools
 » HP OpenVMS 8.0 testdrive now available (login/registration required)
 » Context routines for user level thread switching on HP-UX
 » Dynamic instrumentation of C++ applications on Itanium®-based systems
 » MxN Threads on HP-UX 11i v1.6 and higher (Itanium® 2-based applications) (PDF, 119KB)
 » user_threads.h
 » user_threads.s
 » HP 9000 server networking: Managing highly available NFS (PDF, 120KB)
 » Industry UNIX O/S cross-reference command comparison table
 » Managing software with SD-UX (HP-UX 11.0)
 » gzip for HP-UX
 » HP Converged Infrastructure enterprise reference architecture for client virtualization: Citrix XenDesktop on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V
 » HP system performance tools in virtualized environments (PDF, 138KB)
 » Impact of virtualization on management systems (PDF, 145KB)
 » Virtualization: an old concept transforming datacenters in new ways
Web Servers / Browsers
 » How to integrate Tibco Enterprise Message Service and BEA WebLogic on HP-UX 11i v2 operating environment
 » IBM WebSphere Application Server
 » -Xaggressive option in JVM forum
 » 64-Bit Runtime Architecture for PA-RISC 2.0
 » Acquiring and releasing large shared memory areas
 » Alpha systems documentation
 » Arbitration for data integrity in ServiceGuard clusters, November 2003
 » Are there any plans to support aCC V6 compilers on PA-Risc?
 » Best practices for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on HP Integrity Superdome servers for Very Large Database (VLDB) BI solutions
 » Best practices for highly available HP Integrity servers and Microsoft SQL Server
 » Certify your Hardware Products on HP-UX
 » Comparing the performance of user-space locks on HP-UX for HP Integrity servers
 » Converting an ASCII string to a long long
 » Converting numbers to the English equivalent
 » Creating a Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-Bit install CD (PDF, 129 KB)
 » Determining CPU architecture programmatically
 » Dynamic Allocation and Management of Reusable IPv6 Addresses
 » Enabling Multimedia Streaming on HP-UX
 » Forcing a stack trace with a signal
 » Free Standards Group homepage
 » Gain control over your storage environment (PDF - 1.82 MB)
 » HP Assembler Reference Manual
 » HP C & aC++ Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity Systems
 » HP Cloud Map white papers
 » HP Integrity NonStop NS16000 server - overview
 » HP Integrity NonStop computing
 » HP Integrity server solutions
 » HP Integrity servers and Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors
 » HP NonStop Business solutions
 » HP NonStop S-series servers
 » HP NonStop Technical Library
 » HP NonStop™ e-services portal
 » HP OpenVMS systems - what's new
 » HP OpenVMS systems transition tools/modules
 » HP ProLiant blade servers benchmarks
 » HP Product Bulletin (worldwide QuickSpecs) technical overviews and specifications for HP hardware and software
 » HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration for HP-UX 11i v2 partitioned systems (PDF, 261kb)
 » HP Sizing Tool for VMware vSphere
 » HP Sizing and Configuration Tool for Siemens PLM Software's Teamcenter 2007 or Teamcenter 2005
 » HP Smart Array P800 controller and HP StorageWorks 70 Modular Smart Array (MSA70) 4000 User Clustered Continuous Replication Exchange 2007 storage solution
 » HP Software data extraction and reporting (PDF - 4.82 MB)
 » HP Storage Area Manager software
 » HP StorageWorks 1200 All-in-One Storage System (AiO1200)
 » HP StorageWorks Disk Systems 2100 manuals
 » HP StorageWorks EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option
 » HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array manuals and guides
 » HP TruCluster server online documentation
 » HP Universal Print Driver supported in Citrix Presentation Server 4
 » HP certification matrix for Oracle PeopleSoft
 » HP is committed to HP 9000 server customers
 » HP printers supported in Citrix XenApp Server environments
 » HP software releases and discontinuance
 » HP's StorageWorks grid (.PDF, 254KB)
 » HP-UX 11i - value leadership for enterprise UNIX ©
 » HP-UX floating-point guide for HP Integrity servers
 » HP-UX scandetail and scansummary FAQ
 » HP-UX: Shells and resource limits
 » HP-UX: Working with Kernel Modules
 » High Availability NT clustering specification sheets
 » High Availability and clustering specification sheets
 » High availability and business continuity solutions for HP Integrity servers (PDF 103KB)
 » High availability software from Software Depot
 » High performance computing specification sheets
 » HotSpot VM Errors
 » How can I print wide characters that are not in the builtin C locale?
 » How to initialize the uninitial variable in ANSI C++ Complier
 » How to use pstat_getprocessor call
 » How to write an HP-UX daemon
 » I am porting my application from PA-RISC to Itanium. How can I make sure that my libraries are compatible with the system default?
 » I have an application on PA using ptrace. Will it run on Intel® Itanium®?
 » IPv6 Routing - Shifting Focus from Hardware to Software
 » ISV Applications & binary compatibility in HP OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1
 » IT resource center forums
 » Integrity Virtual Machines provides easier management, offline migration, and better performance
 » Is there any way to determine whether a binary file (executable or shared library) was compiled in optimized mode?
 » Itanium®-based native CDE libraries now available
 » J2EE development tools for IBM WebSphere Application Server
 » JIT compiler crash
 » Java examples in a nutshell
 » Java™ 3D book index
 » Java™ internationalization
 » Known problems/fixes, technical tips and more
 » LVM white papers with a wealth of large disk support information
 » Linux documentation project (LDP)
 » Linux kernal archives
 » Locate a process and report it's pid
 » Migrating HP Curses applications to Xcurses
 » More Java™ technical articles
 » Multi OS solutions - Install and manage more than one operating system
 » NonStop presales hotline for price quotes, configuration assistance and product questions
 » ODBC options
 » Open Source Developer's Lab (OSDL)
 » OpenVMS developer resource page
 » Optimizing data centers for high-density computing
 » Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster (RAC) guides for HP servers
 » PA-8800 processor statement of binary compatibility
 » PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture
 » PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture reference specification
 » PA-RISC 2.0 changes and errata
 » PA-RISC 64-Bit Runtime Architecture Supplement
 » PA-RISC Linux FAQ
 » PA-RISC Linux developer's site
 » PA-RISC Linux glossary
 » Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)
 » Performance analysis tools for HP-UX 11i on Integrity Servers
 » Performance characterization of HP ProLiant DL580G5 servers
 » ProLiant Cluster Kit with OpenView Storage Mirroring
 » Purchasing new licenses for an existing HP AlphaServer system
 » Quick start to NonStop
 » Ready to run Java 3D™
 » Real time enterpise - ZLE
 » Recently updated QuickSpecs for HP hardware and software products
 » Red Hat Inc.
 » Requirements for certification of third-party products on HP-UX
 » SGI Pro64™
 » SUSE Linux
 » Safari Tech Books Online - fully-searchable
 » Safe coding checklist for internationalization
 » Scalability and performance of the HP ProLiant BL25p Server (PDF, 885KB)
 » Scalability and performance of the HP ProLiant DL385 Server (PDF, 854KB)
 » Sensing locale with HP-UX applications
 » Serviceguard heartbeat configuration solutions white paper
 » Software Development Magazine online
 » Synchronization and locking on HP-UX
 » The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document
 » The KDE translation HOWTO
 » The Peregrine Evolution Model for Service Management white paper (PDF, 699 KB)
 » The Software Depot cookbook
 » The libm library and floating-point arithmetic for HP-UX on Itanium® 2-based systems
 » The real story
 » The single UNIX® specification, v2 and v3 (free registration required)
 » Tomcat on HP-UX
 » Transition resources for Solaris to the HP-UX Foundation Operating Environment
 » Transitioning your applications to HP Integrity servers
 » Unable to download hpjmeter
 » Understanding high availability (PDF, 924 KB)
 » Upcoming events for NonStop partners
 » Upgrading a server from PA-RISC to Integrity
 » Upgrading to PA-8800 processors
 » Use of GCC to compile/link JNI apps on HP-UX 11
 » What is koenig lookup?
 » Where can I find all the warnings issued by the compiler?
 » home page for handhelds.org
 » java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
 » open source projects and other linux resources sponsored by hewlett-packard

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