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Adaptive Enterprise
 » Agile licensing for an Adaptive Enterprise (.PDF, 160.32KB)
 » Massive scale out from HP - Servers & Storage
 » HP ProLiant High Availability white papers
 » HP Serviceguard & Serviceguard Extensions for RAC (Free download for partners)
 » HP Serviceguard Solutions for Linux
 » HP TruCluster server software
 » HP cluster configuration support
 » Overview of HP OpenVMS Cluster software
 » ProLiant clusters documentation
 » ProLiant high availability clusters
 » Serviceguard for Linux order and configuration guide (PDF,343KB)
 » Serviceguard mixed cluster configuations white paper (PDF, 358KB)
 » Debugging a PA-RISC application/core file on Itanium®-based system
 » HP WDB tutorial
 » KWDB 3.1.9 Kernel Debugger
 » STREAMS debugging tool (STRDB)
 » gdb for HP-UX 11
 » VIM for HP-UX 11
End of Life / Archive
 » A tricky problem with shared library versioning
 » Access packed data structs from HP aC++
 » Accessing a disk as a raw byte stream
 » Alpha Linux JumpStart! from sourceforge.net
 » An aCC compile that just stops
 » Avoid name clash with "times" symbol
 » C# tutorial
 » CC and aCC on the same system
 » Check if a floating point number is NaN
 » Compiling Lex and Yacc
 » DCE for OpenVMS
 » Debugging a live kernel
 » Debugging threads
 » Detecting whether cfront C++ or aC++ is being used
 » Disabling logins to all but root
 » Displaying the host id
 » Don't use -l flags that you don't need
 » Exemplar programming guide for HP-UX systems
 » Exercise caution when using +e to export symbols from a shared library
 » Find an unsatisfied symbol
 » Finding buried porting information
 » Floating installation of aC++
 » Generating dependencies using +M
 » Getting the correct format for floating point in the local language
 » HP C++ (cfront) Programmer's Guide
 » HP aC++ Online help
 » HP-UX 10.20 Driver Development Information (archive)
 » HP-UX 11.0 Driver Development Information
 » How to create unpadded, byte-aligned structures
 » How to embed the version number in an executable
 » How to find the shared library dependency hierarchy for a binary
 » How to force a stack trace with a signal
 » How to minimize fragmentation of shared memory
 » How to set up HP-UX 11.0 for 64-bit
 » If I have HP C++ (cfront) on support, how do I get HP aC++?
 » Include Oracle header files
 » Initialize a string with a NULL pointer
 » Is there any relative performance index of programs/benchmarks compiled with both HP C++ (cfront) and HP aC++?
 » Keep global definitions out of header files
 » Linker won't look in /usr/lib for libm.sl
 » Locating shared libs from SHLIB_PATH
 » Missing X library on 64-bit
 » Mixed 32-bit and large files
 » Mixing disk I/O requests with read/write/lseek requests
 » Modifying code on the fly
 » Monitoring IP traffic on HP-UX 11.x
 » Mysterious PA 2.0 object file errors
 » OS and compiler considerations in the design of the Intel Itanium architecture (PDF, 69 KB)
 » OS compatibility for swinstall
 » OpenVMS migration software for VAX to Alpha (formerly DECmigrate)
 » Override name mangling for dynamically mapped library name resolution
 » Porting codelibs library applications to STL
 » Prevent outside symbol resolution when demand loading a shared lib
 » Problem displaying HP-UX X11R6 application on Sun
 » Quick and dirty driver debugging
 » Remove an executable that failed the link due to unresolved symbols
 » Required compiler flag for porting driver to 64-bit
 » See order of include files leading to an error
 » Speeding up link times with +objdebug
 » Strip a debuggable executable
 » Supported CD file systems
 » TP Web Connector
 » The +Z PIC option is the default for 64-bit code
 » Threads and iostream interactions
 » Throwing exceptions from a signal handler--DON'T
 » Tight loop eating CPU when linking lots of .o files
 » Turn off an aCC warning that you do not wish to see
 » Understanding +DA and +DS (the long version)
 » Understanding +DA and +DS (the short version)
 » Unsatisfied symbols when linking with cfront template library (lib++.a)
 » What is HP's official strategy for HP C++ (cfront) and HP aC++?
 » What is the equivalent for complex.h on HP?
 » What shared libraries are used in a running executable?
 » What to do about "invalid loader fixup" errors
 » Where can I find HP C++ (cfront) to HP aC++ porting information, including frequently encountered error messages?
 » Where can I find Q4 documentation?
 » Where is odump on HP-UX 11i?
 » Which PA-RISC architecture is my CPU?
 » Who's got open files on a given device?
 » Why a daemon fails to start up correctly
 » Workaround for duplicate symbol errors
 » Annex A - Decimal floating point for HP-UX
HP BladeSystems
 » HP BladeSystem Power Sizer
 » HP BladeSystem c-Class architecture, 2nd edition
 » Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V clustering with HP BladeSystem and HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array
 » Oracle Grid on HP Integrity BL800c series server blades with HP StorageWorks EVA - sample configuration
 » Server virtualization technologies for x86-based HP BladeSystem and HP ProLiant servers
 » The business case for adopting blade systems in the data center (.PDF, 582KB)
HP Integrity servers
 » Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for HP Integrity Servers
 » Itanium® based midrange servers from HP (.PDF, 949KB)
 » Meet the HP Integrity Superdome (.PDF, 331KB)
 » Porting OpenVMS Applications to Integrity Servers
HP OpenView Software & Tools
 » HP-UX 11i single- and multi-system management
 » Rational ClearCase for Intel® Itanium® 2 microarchitecture
HP ProLiant servers
 » Best practices for deploying Citrix XenApp on XenServer on HP ProLiant servers
 » Best practices with Citrix XenServer on HP ProLiant servers
 » HP Benchmark articles for various HP Solution Partners - Active Answers
 » Performance of HP ProLiant BL460c G6 with Intel Xeon 5500 Series processors (2.93 GHz) in a 64-bit HP SBC environment
 » ProLiant benchmarks
 » ProLiant networking
HP StorageWorks
 » Grid, storage grid, and the HP StorageWorks grid (.PDF, 254 KB)
 » Network attached storage
 » Oracle Real Application Clusters on HP ProLiant DL300 series with HP StorageWorks MSA2000 – sample configuration
 » Software and storage management appliance
 » Storage Area Network (SAN)
 » Storage array systems
 » Storage solutions
 » Tape storage systems
HP-UX on HP Integrity servers
 » HP 9000 Containers - Overview
 » HP 9000 Containers - learn more
 » HP 9000 Containers - releases & downloads
 » HP 9000 Containers - solution components
 » HP 9000 Containers - support
 » HP achieves #1 UNIX price/performance with HP Integrity rx4640 Server using dual core processors
 » HP reference configuration for Hyperion System 9 BI+
High performance technical computing
 » HP Code Advisor (cadvise)
 » HP UPC software: V3.3
 » HP Unified Parallel C (UPC)
Intel® architecture-based workstations
 » 32-Bit Runtime Architecture for HP-UX
 » Software Conventions for HP-UX
Languages: C
 » ANSI C Compiler for HP-UX 11.0 (PA-RISC)
 » ANSI C compiler for HP-UX 11i v1 (PA-RISC)
 » ANSI C compiler for HP-UX 11i v2 (PA-RISC)
 » C language reference manual for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » HP C for OpenVMS
 » HP C for Tru64 UNIX
 » HP C/ANSI C developer's bundle
 » HP C/ANSI C patch release history
 » HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2 (HP Integrity systems)
 » HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3 (HP Integrity systems)
 » Performance Tips for Alpha C programmers (PDF, 181KB)
Languages: C#
 » Bertrand Meyer's .NET training course
 » C# help
 » C# unleashed
 » HP books releases .NET programming, trusted computing guides
 » Presenting C#
 » gcsharp
Languages: C++
 » Ada compiler
 » C++ standards working group
 » Coredump in __fflush_unlocked 11.23
 » HP C++ compiler for HP Tru64 UNIX (free download for partners)
 » HP C++ for OpenVMS
 » HP C/aC++ compiler for HP-UX (free download for partners)
 » HP aC++
 » HP aC++ FAQ
 » HP aC++ and HP C Online Programmer's Guide
 » HP aC++ transition guide (HP C++ to HP aC++)
 » HP aC++ version A.01.21 online programmer's guide
 » HP aC++ version A.03.13 online programmer's guide (HTML)
 » HP aC++ version A.03.26 online programmer's guide (HP-UX 11i) (HTML)
 » How can I force the compiler to include the library by default?
 » Inline assembly for Itanium-based HP-UX
 » Inside the Intel compiler
 » Intel® compilers for Linux on HP Itanium® 2-based platforms
 » The assert macro
 » Versioning your shared library (PDF, 34 KB) (Pub. 1995)
 » What is -AA?
Languages: COBOL
 » Best performing data types on HP-UX (PA-RISC and Itanium® -based) for a Microfocus COBOL program
Languages: Fortran
 » HP Fortran compiler for HP-UX
 » HP Fortran compilers
 » HP Fortran for HP Tru64 UNIX Alpha systems
Languages: Java™
 » "Error: Duplicate metrics" when opening forum
 » Displaying, debugging and performance tuning information with tusc
 » How Java™ products for HP-UX display Asian fonts
 » J2EE Security for Servlets, EJBs, and Web Services
 » JVMPI fails on IA64W
 » Java™ technology software HP-UX 11.0 & 11i
 » PA-RISC and Itanium HP-UX Java™ 2 programmer's guide
 » Performance of Java™ vs. C/C++ compiled code
 » Performance tuning for Java™ on HP-UX
 » Profiling Java™ applications on HP-UX
 » Programmer's guide for Java™ 2
 » Where can I obtain javax.comm (Java™ communications API)?
Languages: Other
 » BASIC compilers
 » How to port HP PA-RISC spinlock primitives to the Intel® Itanium® Architecture (PDF, 62KB)
 » Micro Focus Server Express
 » Pascal compiler
Languages: XML
 » Cocoon
 » VoiceXML code Sample - Record and playback
 » VoiceXML code samples
 » VoiceXML code samples - Automatic Speech Recognition using external grammar
 » VoiceXML code samples - Automatic Speech Recognition using inline grammar
 » VoiceXML code samples - Automatic Speech Recognition using option
 » VoiceXML code samples - Basic Text-To-Speech
 » VoiceXML code samples - Call transfer
 » VoiceXML code samples - DTMF menu
 » VoiceXML code samples - Playing an audio file
 » XML document agents
 » XML forums
 » XML news
 » XML protocol working group
 » o'reilly xml.com
 » RDMA protocol: improving network performance
Open Source Tools & Contributed Software
 » ACE wrappers
 » Apache Software Foundation - open source tools
 » Charlint
 » Download Internet and networking software
 » Firebolt
 » GCC compiler
 » HP Software Depot - open source tools
 » HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse
 » JUnit
 » JacORB
 » JasperForge
 » Linux certification and support matrix - HP Integrity servers
 » Open source AllianceONE partners  This link features content viewable by AllianceOne members only.
 » Open source security software - Linux and HP Integrity focus
 » OpenXML
 » PJA toolkit
 » Perl for HP-UX 11i
 » Porting and archive centre for HP-UX
 » SourceForge open source tools
Operating systems: HP-UX
 » A comparison of the time interfaces on HP-UX/Itanium (35.0KB, PDF)
 » An Efficient "Online & Automatic" Backup Mechanism in HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23) (PDF, 103KB)
 » Best practices for Oracle on HP-UX 11.0 or 11i Foundation Operating System (PPT, 5.8MB)
 » Creating a bootable mirror using the logical volume manager (PA-RISC)
 » DLPI programmer's guide for hp-ux 11.0 (PA-RISC) (PDF - 261 KB)
 » Determining the Remaining Stack Space on HP-UX Threads Running on the Intel® Itanium® Architecture (PDF, 54KB)
 » Developing Dynamically Loadable Kernel Modules
 » Exemplar C and Fortran 77 programmer's guide
 » Finding process information on HP-UX
 » Getting the HP-UX file creation or modification time in seconds
 » HP C/HP-UX programmer's guide (HP-UX 11.0) (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX reference manual (HP-UX 11.0) (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX release notes for HP-UX 11.0 (HTML)
 » HP C/HP-UX release notes for HP-UX 11.01 (HTML)
 » HP Management software for HP-UX
 » HP MirrorDisk/UX (free download for partners)
 » HP Virtual Partitions - vPars (free download for partners)
 » HP aC++/HP C A.06.26 Programmer's Guide
 » HP compilers for HP Integrity servers
 » HP's Mathematical Software Library (MLIB)
 » HP-UX 11.0 Driver Development Guide
 » HP-UX 11.0 Driver Development Reference
 » HP-UX 11.0 to 11i Driver Migration Guide (PDF, 776 KB)
 » HP-UX 11i (PA-RISC) driver development reference, 4th edition
 » HP-UX 11i Driver Development Guide, 4th Edition
 » HP-UX 11i compatibility between HP-UX releases across hardware platforms
 » HP-UX 11i ecosystem for developers and ISVs
 » HP-UX 11i kiosk (PA-RISC or HP Integrity platforms)  This link features content viewable by AllianceOne members only.
 » HP-UX 11i memory management
 » HP-UX 11i roadmap
 » HP-UX 11i technical white papers
 » HP-UX 11i to 11i v 1.6 (Intel® Itanium® 2) driver migration guide
 » HP-UX 11i v1 (PA-RISC) Driver Development Information
 » HP-UX 11i v1 (PA-RISC) Driver Development Reference, 5th edition
 » HP-UX 11i v1 Driver Development Guide, 5th Edition
 » HP-UX 11i v2 (PA-RISC and HP Integrity systems) driver development information
 » HP-UX 11i v2 Driver Development Reference
 » HP-UX 11i v2 documentation
 » HP-UX 11i v2 operating system (free download for partners)
 » HP-UX 11i v2 update 2 release includes these two key enhancements
 » HP-UX 11i v3 (PA-RISC and HP Integrity systems) driver development information
 » HP-UX 11i v3 operating system (free download for partners)
 » HP-UX 11i: A Foundation for Enterprise Computing
 » HP-UX Linker and Libraries User Guide for HP-UX 11i
 » HP-UX Linker and Libraries User's Guide for 11iv2
 » HP-UX Standard Mode Security Extensions now available
 » HP-UX Workload Manager Toolkit user guide
 » HP-UX core operating system and application CDs (free media for partners)
 » HP-UX library functions A to M
 » HP-UX library functions M to Z
 » HP-UX product and solution briefs
 » HP-UX server support matrix
 » How can I determine which HP-UX version I have and which processor it supports?
 » How can I make my Curses application work on HP-UX 11.0?
 » How can I query the OS to determine what libraries are on HP-UX?
 » How can I retrieve the system serial number or PDC firmware revision from the command line or in scripts?
 » How do I determine whether or not a patch is present on a system?
 » How do I find out process information on HP-UX?
 » How do I get International Language Locale and display NLS characters on HP-UX?
 » How kernel memory is allocated and can be controlled in a vPars environment
 » How to determine the number of threads in a process
 » How to use the inline Itanium®-based assembler on HP-UX (PDF, 64KB)
 » Improving Scalability Using POSIX Thread Condition Variables (63.0KB, PDF)
 » KWDB 3.1.3 Kernel Debugger Guide
 » LDAP-UX Integration software for HP-UX
 » Managing kernel configurations in HP-UX 11i v2
 » Maxusers kernel removed in HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23)
 » Memory usage on HP-UX Integrity servers
 » Mission-critical HP-UX 11i v2 WebSphere Reference Architecture white paper
 » Mounting a DVD-ROM drive on HP-UX 11i v2
 » OnlineJFS (free download for partners)
 » Optimizing Itanium-based applications
 » Oracle Applications 11i in a Split Configuration (PDF, 236KB)
 » Oracle9i release 2 for Itanium®-based HP-UX 11i (version 1.6)
 » PSTAT interfaces (HP-UX 11i) (PDF, 98 KB)
 » RogueWave SourcePro products
 » Shrinking a VXFS file system
 » Solaris to HP-UX 11i Fnd OE SCSI interface driver porting guide (PDF, 341 KB)
 » Using the interval timer counter on Intel® Itanium® for measurements
 » What does the replacement feature for Trusted Systems look like on HP-UX 11i v3?
 » What is Driver Minor Number Build Function ?
 » Why do I get "Can't find Library: "X11"" error when Compiling with +dd64?
 » ccNUMA overview
 » vfs_vm.h for HP-UX 11.0
 » vfs_vm.h for HP-UX 11i v1
Operating systems: Linux
 » Alpha Linux supported distributions and options
 » Introduction to Linux development (PDF, 51 KB)
 » Linux Runtime Environment for HP-UX (beta)
 » Linux for HP Workstations
 » Linux links
 » Red Hat Linux 7.2 Alpha - Packages list
 » Red Hat Linux Alpha documentation
Operating systems: Tru64 UNIX
 » Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » HP Tru64 Enterprise UNIX for HP AlphaServer systems
 » HP Tru64 UNIX best practices documentation
 » HP Tru64 UNIX binary compatibility statement
 » HP Tru64 UNIX software development kit (SDK)
 » Measuring DTB misses with DCPI on Alpha (PDF, 20KB)
 » Measuring load latency with the DCPI value profiler (PDF, 33KB)
 » Solaris compatibility libraries
 » Using DCPI/ProfileMe performance measures to assess program performance (PDF, 103KB)
Operating systems: Windows®
 » HP Tru64 UNIX and Windows® interoperability
Operating systems: Windows®
 » Configuration guidelines for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 on the HP Integrity servers with SAS V9.1 (PDF, 96 KB)
 » HP Business Intelligence Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
 » HP Planning Tool for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2
 » HP ProLiant Transaction Processing Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (x64)
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse
 » HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint
 » HP server based computing
 » Instructions for installing Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 on HP ProLiant and HP tc servers
 » Oracle Real Application Clusters on HP ProLiant DL500
 » Scalability comparison for HP ProLiant DL580 G5 server
 » Sizing HP ProLiant and BladeSystem 64-bit servers for Exchange 2007 and large mailbox storage constraints
 » Transitioning to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 on HP ProLiant servers and HP StorageWorks
Performance tools
 » Access the high-resolution counters on the CPU for timing
 » Coding Practices for Compatibility
 » Commonly misconfigured HP-UX resources
 » Enhancing the performance of IBM TXSeries CICS on HP-UX through program caching
 » HP (Digital) Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI)
 » HP Caliper latest release
 » HP Caliper performance analyzer
 » HP Caliper: Resources to help you learn about HP Integrity servers microarchitecture
 » HP Operations and Performance Manager
 » HP Vector Math Library for HP-UX
 » HP's Mathematical Software Library (MLIB) product information
 » HP-UX Multimedia Streaming Protocols (MSP)
 » HP-UX memory management
 » HPjmeter overview and features
 » How to report level 2 and level 3 data cache metrics with Caliper
 » Implementing Spinlocks on the Intel® Itanium® processor family and PA-RISC
 » Intel® Itanium® processor family performance tuning guide (PDF, 484kb)
 » Judy technology for high-performance arrays
 » Math libraries
 » Performance characterization of HP ProLiant BL685c G5 with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors (1.9GHz) in a 64-bit HP Server Based Computing environment
 » Performance characterization report for HP ProLiant BL685c server blades with AMD Opteron processor Model 8218 (2.6 GHz/2x1 MB) in a 64-bit HP SBC environment
 » Performance report for HP ProLiant BL460c server blades with Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors (1.86 GHz/2x4 MB) in a 32-bit HP Server Based Computing environment
 » Problems with libstdc++ referencing a libunwind on HP-UX for HP Integrity servers
 » Profiling to tune C programs on Alpha (PDF, 129KB)
 » Using HP Caliper to analyze effective floating-point load latency
 » Using HP Caliper to identify a CPU- or memory-related performance problem
 » Using HP Caliper to measure integer load latency
 » Using HP Caliper to measure performance data related to Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLBs)
 » Using HP Caliper to perform bubble (stall) analysis on a simple example program
 » Using HP Caliper with an application program to characterize the Itanium® memory hierarchy
 » Announcing new transition tools in the updated Transition Modules
 » Database migration from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX
 » HP ARIES Dynamic Binary Translator
 » HP ARIES documentation
 » HP ARIES performance details
 » HP ARIES technical support
 » HP ARIES troubleshooting tips and self help options
 » HP Aries FAQ
 » HP MITR : MIxed mode TRanslator
 » HP MITR Documentation
 » HP Superdome hybrid servers with mixed Intel® Itanium® 2
 » HP Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Informix Extended Parallel Server (PDF, 451KB)
 » HP Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Progress Software OpenEdge RDBMS & 4GL (PDF, 239KB)
 » HP Tru64 UNIX porting guides
 » HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i Porting Guide for PA-RISC and Itanium®-based Systems
 » HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i: transition tools and methodologies
 » HP XPADE : PA-RISC Cross Development Environment
 » HP migration resources guide (PDF, 223KB)
 » HP-UX 11i application compatibility criteria
 » HP-UX HP 9000 Transition Strategies for DB2
 » HP-UX HP 9000 transition strategies for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)
 » MITR FAQs (frequently asked questions)
 » MITR downloads
 » MITR information
 » Mainsoft Visual MainWin
 » Modules available for transitioning HP 9000 systems to HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity servers
 » Oracle 10g: from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP Integrity Servers using heterogeneous transportable tablespaces (PDF, 158KB)
 » Porting C++ code from PA-RISC to HP-UX for HP Integrity servers
 » Porting Microsoft Windows® applications to HP-UX
 » Porting Microsoft Windows® applications to Itanium-based systems
 » Porting Tip: Check all parameters
 » Porting from PA-RISC to Itanium®-based systems
 » Problem with attach & library loading
 » Problem with migrating based on Compuware Uniface (ugetregs() in '3gl.h')
 » Running Pentium-based code on Itanium®-based systems (PDF, 131kb)
 » Solaris to HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK)
 » Sybase database migration: HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i v1.6 or later
 » System tunable mapping: Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i v2
 » Transition modules: HP Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX
 » Transition resources for HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i
 » Transition resources for Solaris to HP-UX 11i
 » Transitioning C and aC++ programs to the 64-bit data model
 » Transitioning technical skills from HP Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX (PDF, 368 KB)
 » Troubleshooting tips and self-help options
 » Tru64 UNIX Transition Strategies for Informix Dynamic Server (PDF, 128KB)
Resource management
 » A quantitative comparison between raw devices and file systems for implementing Oracle databases
 » Best practices for Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II
 » Creating custom tool definition files for HP Systems Insight Manager
 » Estimating memory usage when migrating from HP-UX PA-RISC to HP-UX Integrity servers
 » Toward converging Web service standards for resources, events, and management
 » Web Services Resource Transfer - version 1.0, August 2006
Runtime environments
 » C++ runtime environments (-AA and -AP) on HP-UX
 » Dynamic connection allocation software feature in HP-UX IPFilter
 » Enabling root account after three failed password attempts
 » HP-UX 11i IPSec security solutions
 » HP-UX 11i Internet Express
 » HP-UX 11i evaluated configuration guide
 » HP-UX 11i security containment features
 » HP-UX host intrusion detection system (HIDS)
 » HP-UX shadow passwords
 » Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for HP Integrity servers
 » Integrated Lights-Out technology: enhancing the manageability of HP ProLiant servers
 » Internet and security solutions document library
 » Porting Legacy Multilevel Secure Applications to Security Enhanced Linux (PDF, 95KB)
 » The SANS Institute
Software Transition & Development Kits
 » 10.20 Announcement
 » 32/64-bit cross-platform development
 » Application Transition
 » Binary Scanner
 » Binary compatibility
 » C Developer's Toolkit for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » Chapter 1: Introduction
 » Chapter 2: System configuration summary
 » Chapter 3: Functionality changes included in the integrated patch bundle
 » Chapter 4: New and changed functionality for the N4000 server
 » Coding practices for compatibility
 » Compatibility mode on Itanium-based HP-UX: a developer perspective
 » Compilers
 » Contact the HP transition tools team
 » Developers Tool Kit Supplement (DTKS) for HP Tru64 UNIX - UPDATED!
 » Developers' toolkit for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » Discounts on development software
 » Event Monitoring Service (EMS) developer's kit (FREE)
 » From Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX 11i - Overview
 » From Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX 11i - Resources
 » From Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX 11i - Transition tools
 » HP Alpha OpenVMS development software
 » HP OpenCall SS7 SDK datasheet (PDF)
 » HP OpenCall Voice Application Developer Toolkit 3.1
 » HP OpenCall media platform CCAPI SDK - free download
 » HP Software Transition Kits
 » HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager Software Developers Kit
 » HP-UX 64-bit compiler and linker changes
 » HP-UX 64-bit evolutionary strategy
 » HP-UX 64-bit porting concepts
 » HP-UX STK downloads
 » HP-UX STK: Document Library
 » HP-UX STK: List of Source Code Transition Impacts
 » HP-UX STK: home page
 » HP-UX Software Transition Kit
 » HP-UX Software Transition Kit
 » HP-UX Software transition kits download warranty statement - HP Dev Resource Central
 » HP-UX patching on 11.x
 » HP-UX transition
 » How To Exhibit Smooth “HP-UX PA-RISC To HP-UX Itanium” Database Migration and Compatibility (PDF, 158KB)
 » How to update systems
 » Installing and Configuring the STK
 » Installing binaryScan
 » Installing the HP-UX STK
 » Installing the Tru64 UNIX remote printing queue migration tool
 » Interoperability of 32- and 64-bit applications on 64-bit HP-UX
 » Introduction to kernel threads
 » Java™ development tools to deploy applications on HP-UX
 » Java™ on HP-UX 11.0 & 11i FAQs
 » Legal notices
 » List of APIs,commands which are part ME kit and Base OS HP-UX 11i v3
 » Locale methods customization
 » Migrating HP curses applications to Xcurses
 » Migration Environment compatibility statement
 » Migration environment user guide
 » Overview of impact classifications
 » Overview of the Itanium-based architecture
 » Overview of transitioning software to HP-UX on Integrity servers
 » PA-RISC to HP-UX 11i
 » Patching HP-UX 11.x systems
 » Performance checklist for software development on Integrity servers
 » Port to HP-UX
 » Portability Package for HP-UX 11i v2 May 2005
 » Portability checklist for software development on Integrity servers
 » Porting DCE threads programs to HP-UX 11.0 POSIX threads
 » Preparing source code for HP-UX on Integrity servers
 » Release Notes for HP-UX 11.0
 » Release notes for HP-UX 11.0 Extension Pack
 » STK Warranty
 » STK overview
 » STK overview
 » Scandetail and scansummary FAQ
 » Solaris to HP-UX 11i
 » Solaris to Linux
 » Source code transitions
 » Supplemental Japanese documents for HP-UX STK
 » Thank you for your feedback
 » Thank you for your feedback
 » Thank you for your feedback
 » Thank you!
 » Threads on HP-UX, Solaris, and NT
 » Transition considerations
 » Transitioning C and aC++ programs to the 64-bit data model
 » Transitioning from previous versions of HP-UX to HP-UX 11i on Integrity servers
 » Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment - Application transition
 » Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX 11i features
 » Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX 11i overview
 » Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX 11i v3
 » Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX 11i v3 features
 » Tru64 UNIX STK downloads
 » Tru64 UNIX remote printer queue migration tool download
 » Tru64 UNIX remote printing queue migration tool operating instructions
 » Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i
 » Tru64 UNIX® Migration Environment for HP-UX 11i, installation instructions
 » What is 64-bit computing?
 » Writing portable code
 » abiscanner downloads replaced by new binaryScan tool
 » binaryScan - downloads
 » binaryScan FAQs
 » binaryScan features
 » binaryScan quickstart instructions
 » binaryScan reference
 » scanwizard
Software development environments
 » 32/64-bit cross-platform development
 » Adaptive address space in HP-UX 11i v2 for HP Integrity servers
 » Automated Software Packaging Utility v1.0
 » CORBA technology
 » Changing monarch process on Itanium®-based systems
 » Coherent platforms
 » Compiling binaries on HP-UX 11i v1 and running them on HP-UX 10.20
 » Data size neutrality and 64-bit support
 » Eloquence development and runtime environment
 » Enterprise toolkit—NonStop edition
 » HP C and C++ Softbench technical information
 » HP Integrity servers: performance tools for the Java™ platform
 » HP NonStop software
 » HP software products
 » HP-UX operating system release history
 » HP-UX software products index
 » How to Access a 32-Bit DLL from a Native 64-Bit Process on Intel® Architecture (PDF, 57 KB)
 » How to Analyze Bottlenecks from L1D and FPU Pipeline Stalls at the DET Stage on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 96 KB)
 » How to Analyze Memory Accesses on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 86 KB)
 » How to Analyze Pipeline Flush Losses on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 67 KB)
 » How to Analyze Pipeline Stalls on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 72 KB)
 » How to Avoid Memory-Coding Errors on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 58 KB)
 » How to Avoid Short Data Segment Overflow Errors on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 59 KB)
 » How to Build a Linux* High-Performance Computing Cluster with Itanium® 2-Based Systems (PDF, 68 KB)
 » How to Characterize Application Performance with Stall Events on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 67 KB)
 » How to Determine the Correct Interconnect Technology for an HPC Cluster (PDF, 73 KB)
 » How to Determine the Correct Number of Nodes for an HPC Cluster (PDF, 59 KB)
 » How to Determine whether an HPC Cluster Should Be Based on 32-Bit Processors or 64-Bit Processors (PDF, 62 KB)
 » How to Develop Coding Best Practices Targeting Compilers for 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 76 KB)
 » How to Develop an Execution-Time Benchmark on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 61 KB)
 » How to Guide Compilers to Optimize Inner Loops for 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 60 KB)
 » How to Identify Bank/Address Conflicts on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 67 KB)
 » How to Identify Branch Misprediction on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 92 KB)
 » How to Implement Efficient MADD Operations on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 85 KB)
 » How to Improve Code Based on Root-Cause Analysis on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 686 KB)
 » How to Improve Performance on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture of Applications with Many Small Functions (PDF, 56 KB)
 » How to Improve Performance on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture with Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* Options (PDF, 123 KB)
 » How to Include Optimized Assembly Code in Compilation for 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 58 KB)
 » How to Increase the Frequency of First-Level Instruction-Cache Hits on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 62 KB)
 » How to Perform Code Timing and Profiling for Linux* on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 81 KB)
 » How to Prepare Applications for Optimization on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 61 KB)
 » How to Prioritize Bottlenecks on the Itanium® 2 Processor (PDF, 70 KB)
 » How to Quantify Integer Bank-Conflict Penalties on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 77 KB)
 » How to Quantify Memory-Stall Penalties on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 91 KB)
 » How to Quantify the Penalty of Branch Misprediction on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 76 KB)
 » How to Remove Many Bank Conflicts on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 58 KB)
 » How to Resolve Address Conflicts on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 56 KB)
 » How to Resolve Back-End Bubbles on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 61 KB)
 » How to Resolve Cache Misses on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 56 KB)
 » How to Resolve Functional Unit Stalls on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 54 KB)
 » How to Resolve Memory Access Stalls on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 58 KB)
 » How to Schedule Instructions Optimally on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 56 KB)
 » How to Use Code from the Itanium® Processor on the Itanium® 2 Processor (PDF, 86 KB)
 » How to Use Explicit Bundles in Assembly Code for 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 68 KB)
 » How to Use Intel® Compilers Successfully for 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 68 KB)
 » How to Use Intel® Performance Libraries on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 69 KB)
 » How to Use Pragmas with the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 64 KB)
 » How to Use Stall Events to Identify Optimization Opportunities on 64-Bit Intel® Architecture (PDF, 120 KB)
 » JDK, JRE, and Plug-in 5.0
 » Mapping error messages to error numbers
 » Mixed-mode on Itanium®-based platforms: why and how
 » NonStop Computing: NonStop server open and standards-based software
 » NonStop Java technology
 » NonStop application development
 » NonStop business continuity and disaster recovery software
 » NonStop database software
 » NonStop enterprise messaging software
 » NonStop operating system software
 » NonStop operations management software
 » NonStop security
 » NonStop transaction processing software
 » NonStop web technology
 » Performing selective recovery on a corrupted VxFS volume
 » Red Hat GNUPro
 » Relating EFI hardware path/device names to HP-UX native hardware Path/device names and determining the hardware path from the EFI (PUN LUN) output
 » Softbench documentation
 » Statement of binary compatibility across hardware platforms (PDF, 125 KB)
 » Stopping automatic boot on HP Integrity servers
 » Transition resources for HP workstations with Intel® extended memory 64 technology (EM64T)
 » enterprise toolkit - OpenVMS edition
Storage arrays
 » Best Practices for the HP EVA Array using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
 » Best practices for deploying the HP XP24000 Disk Array with VMware vSphere 4
 » Compatibility Matrix for HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN Solutions
 » HP Smart Array Controller technology
 » Running VMware vSphere 4 on HP LeftHand P4000 SAN Solutions
Testing / Test tools
 » DECset
 » HP OpenVMS 8.0 testdrive now available (login/registration required)
 » ParaSoft CodeWizard
 » ParaSoft Insure++
 » Rational PureCoverage®
 » Rational Purify®
 » Rational Quantify
 » Context routines for user level thread switching on HP-UX
 » Dynamic instrumentation of C++ applications on Itanium®-based systems
 » How do I enable/disable hyperthreading on Intel® Dual-Core HP Integrity systems?
 » MxN Threads on HP-UX 11i v1.6 and higher (Itanium® 2-based applications) (PDF, 119KB)
 » Visual Threads
 » user_threads.h
 » user_threads.s
 » Best practices for HP 10000 Series and HP 10000 G2 Series racks
 » HP ToolTalk programmer's guide
 » HP-UX command utilities and application programs from A to Z
 » Implementing power management products with HP Systems Insight Manager (PDF, 760KB)
 » Industry UNIX O/S cross-reference command comparison table
 » Linux and HP Tru64 UNIX affinity portability tools
 » Making your HP Glance Pak perform
 » Managing software with SD-UX (HP-UX 11.0)
 » Software package builder (SPB) for UNIX
 » gzip for HP-UX
 » HP Converged Infrastructure enterprise reference architecture for client virtualization: Citrix XenDesktop on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V
 » HP Integrity Virtual Machines, free evaluation software
 » HP Sizer for Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
 » HP Virtual Server Environment
 » HP system performance tools in virtualized environments (PDF, 138KB)
 » Impact of virtualization on management systems (PDF, 145KB)
 » Performance evaluation of Oracle Database 10g on HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA)
 » Virtualization: an old concept transforming datacenters in new ways
Web Servers / Browsers
 » HP-UX 11i web server suite
 » How to integrate Tibco Enterprise Message Service and BEA WebLogic on HP-UX 11i v2 operating environment
 » IBM WebSphere Application Server
 » TCP Wrapper
 » New ioscan option "-e" on 11.23 HP-UX on HP Integrity servers
 » -Xaggressive option in JVM forum
 » 64-Bit Runtime Architecture for PA-RISC 2.0
 » ACPI system locality information table interface (PDF - 13KB)
 » ActiveAnswers solution sizer tools homepage
 » Advanced server for UNIX (HP Tru64 UNIX and Windows® NT integration)
 » Alpha system configuration utility
 » Alpha systems supported options
 » Announcing the arrival of ISS technology podcasts
 » Appending the process ID to the end of each core dump
 » Arbitration for data integrity in ServiceGuard clusters, November 2003
 » Are there any plans to support aCC V6 compilers on PA-Risc?
 » Attachment test
 » Automated policy-based resource construction in utility computing environments (PDF 252 KB)
 » Benchmark Results for HP ProLiant Servers
 » Benchmark report for SAP SD two-tier Standard Application Benchmark with IBM DB2
 » Best practices for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on HP Integrity Superdome servers for Very Large Database (VLDB) BI solutions
 » Blogs
 » BridgeWorks
 » Brighthand
 » Bus error occurs when running program
 » CEwindows.net
 » CNet
 » Certify your Hardware Products on HP-UX
 » Comparing the performance of user-space locks on HP-UX for HP Integrity servers
 » Converting numbers to the English equivalent
 » Creating a Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-Bit install CD (PDF, 129 KB)
 » Determining CPU architecture programmatically
 » DevBuzz.com
 » DevX
 » Developer's interface guide for Intel® Itanium®-based servers
 » Download the latest versions of patches for HP-UX
 » Extensible SAL specification (PDF, 53 KB)
 » File Retention Compliance
 » Forcing a stack trace with a signal
 » Fortran for HP-UX
 » Fortran standards body
 » Free Standards Group homepage
 » Frequently Asked Questions about HP-UX certification
 » Gain control over your storage environment (PDF - 1.82 MB)
 » Gamelan
 » Garbage collection in the Java™ HotSpot Virtual Machine
 » Getting started with Linux on HP servers
 » HP ActiveAnswers
 » HP Assembler Reference Manual
 » HP Benchmarks for Siebel Systems
 » HP BladeSystem p-Class networking overview
 » HP BladeSystem p-Class rack-centralized (3U) power solutions tech brief
 » HP C & aC++ Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity Systems
 » HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3 (HP Integrity systems and PA-RISC)  This link features content viewable by AllianceOne members only.
 » HP C/aC++ release history: Integrity servers
 » HP Caliper tool available for HP Integrity servers running Linux
 » HP Insight Software Sizer
 » HP Integrity benchmarks
 » HP Integrity server solutions
 » HP Integrity servers and Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors
 » HP Management Software Home Page
 » HP Management Software home page
 » HP OpenView Downloads
 » HP ProLiant blade servers benchmarks
 » HP Product Bulletin (worldwide QuickSpecs) technical overviews and specifications for HP hardware and software
 » HP Server sizing for SAP
 » HP Sizing and Configuration Tool for Siemens PLM Software's Teamcenter 2007 or Teamcenter 2005
 » HP Software data extraction and reporting (PDF - 4.82 MB)
 » HP Software demos
 » HP Software developer support
 » HP Software standards & specifications
 » HP Storage Area Manager software
 » HP StorageWorks 1500cs Modular Smart Array
 » HP StorageWorks 1510i Modular Smart Array
 » HP StorageWorks 4000/6000/8000 Enterprise Virtual Arrays
 » HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems
 » HP StorageWorks Disk Systems 2100 manuals
 » HP StorageWorks EBS Solutions guide for VMware Consolidated Backup
 » HP StorageWorks EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option
 » HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Cluster
 » HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array manuals and guides
 » HP StorageWorks P4800 G2 63TB SAS BladeSystem
 » HP StorageWorks XP10000 Disk Array
 » HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array
 » HP StorageWorks white papers
 » HP StoreOnce deduplication software
 » HP TruCluster server online documentation
 » HP Universal Print Driver supported in Citrix Presentation Server 4
 » HP Vector Math Library Index
 » HP Virtual Connect technology with Oracle 10g grid: An HP Reference Architecture for Oracle technology brief
 » HP is committed to HP 9000 server customers
 » HP network and systems management documentation
 » HP newsroom
 » HP printers supported in Citrix XenApp Server environments
 » HP reference configuration for large SAS Grid Manager solutions
 » HP software releases and discontinuance
 » HP's StorageWorks grid (.PDF, 254KB)
 » HP-UX 11.x Software Developer's Guide
 » HP-UX 11i - value leadership for enterprise UNIX ©
 » HP-UX 11i v3 Driver Development Guide
 » HP-UX 11i v3 Driver Development Reference
 » HP-UX 64-bit porting and transition guide, June 1998
 » HP-UX 9.x - 11i internationalization features white paper
 » HP-UX Internet Express for HP-UX 11i v2
 » HP-UX SNAplus2 upgrade guide
 » HP-UX Secure Shell
 » HP-UX administration commands A to M
 » HP-UX administration commands N to Z
 » HP-UX developer mailing lists
 » HP-UX floating-point guide for HP Integrity servers
 » HP-UX performance tuning Java™ (techniques, tools, and tips)
 » HP-UX reference (man pages)
 » HP-UX user commands
 » HP-UX: Working with Kernel Modules
 » HP’s Eclipse-based solutions
 » Hewlett Packard (HP) news from topix.net
 » High Availability NT clustering specification sheets
 » High Availability and clustering specification sheets
 » High availability and business continuity solutions for HP Integrity servers (PDF 103KB)
 » High availability software from Software Depot
 » High availability technical documentation
 » High performance computing specification sheets
 » HotSpot VM Errors
 » How I can find how many physical CPU's are on the system?
 » How can I print wide characters that are not in the builtin C locale?
 » How do I determine the number of SPUs on an iCOD enabled machine?
 » How do I get a timeout on raw disk I/O?
 » How do I manipulate unsigned 64-bit integers in my programs?
 » How do I reset MP console password?
 » How do I shrink a VXFS file system?
 » How much swap space do I have on my system?
 » How to initialize the uninitial variable in ANSI C++ Complier
 » How to use pstat_getprocessor call
 » How to write an HP-UX daemon
 » I am porting my application from PA-RISC to Itanium. How can I make sure that my libraries are compatible with the system default?
 » I have an application on PA using ptrace. Will it run on Intel® Itanium®?
 » IT resource center forums
 » ITworld: integrated development environments
 » In a kernel driver how can you determine if the code is running in interrupt context?
 » Industry standard server technology papers
 » Inside the Intel® Itanium® 2 processor
 » Integrated Lights-Out Virtual Serial Port configuration and operation (858.0KB, PDF)
 » Integrity Virtual Machines provides easier management, offline migration, and better performance
 » Intel® Cluster Toolkit for Linux
 » Intel® Fortran Compiler 9.1 for Linux
 » Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives 5.1 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
 » Intel® Itanium® architecture and HP EPIC technology
 » Intel® Math Kernel Library 8.1 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
 » Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer 8.0 for Linux
 » Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler 9.1, Professional and Standard Editions for Windows
 » Introducing logical servers: Making data center infrastructures more adaptive
 » Is Java3D supported on Java after 1.4.2 for HP-UX?
 » Is there a programmatic way to check what file system type a given file resides on?
 » Is there any way to determine whether a binary file (executable or shared library) was compiled in optimized mode?
 » Itanium®-based native CDE libraries now available
 » J2EE development tools for IBM WebSphere Application Server
 » JIT compiler crash
 » Java examples in a nutshell
 » Java™ developer services (java.sun.com)
 » Java™ 3D book index
 » Java™ Performance: Using Exceptions as Intended
 » Java™ internationalization
 » Known problems/fixes, technical tips and more
 » LVM white papers with a wealth of large disk support information
 » Ladebug debugger
 » Linux documentation project (LDP)
 » Linux kernal archives
 » Linux on midrange and high-end HP Integrity servers (PFD, 89KB)
 » Linux-based solutions
 » Locate a process and report it's pid
 » Microsoft PocketPC.com
 » Microsoft® Internet Explorer on HP-UX?
 » Middleware for HP Tru64 UNIX
 » Migrating from Solaris to Linux
 » Mirroring HP-UX root disk on Itanium-based systems
 » Mobile Technology Weblog
 » More Java™ technical articles
 » Multi OS solutions - Install and manage more than one operating system
 » NonStop CORBA 2.3 software
 » NonStop interactive upgrade guide
 » O'Reilly ONLamp.com for python
 » OSDL's scalable test platform
 » Open Source Developer's Lab (OSDL)
 » OpenSSL
 » OpenVMS freeware CD-ROM
 » OpenVMS services and support
 » OpenVMS software catalog
 » Optimizing data centers for high-density computing
 » Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster (RAC) guides for HP servers
 » Oracle® Database
 » PA-8800 processor statement of binary compatibility
 » PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture
 » PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture reference specification
 » PA-RISC 2.0 changes and errata
 » PA-RISC 64-Bit Runtime Architecture Supplement
 » PA-RISC Linux FAQ
 » PA-RISC Linux developer's site
 » PA-RISC Linux glossary
 » PA/Linux version 0.9 release
 » PDA Buzz
 » Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)
 » Performance analysis tools for HP-UX 11i on Integrity Servers
 » Performance characterization of HP ProLiant DL580G5 servers
 » Performance report of HP ProLiant DL580 G5 server
 » Phoenix Object Basic™
 » Pike
 » Pocket Gear
 » Pocket Now
 » Pocket PC City
 » Pocket PC Developer Network
 » Pocket PC Thoughts
 » Porting STREAMS DLPI-compliant PCI drivers from Solaris to HP-UX (PDF, 1.5 MB)
 » ProLiant BL p-Class networking overview (PDF, 185 KB)
 » ProLiant Cluster Kit with OpenView Storage Mirroring
 » ProLiant Essentials Server Migration Pack
 » ProLiant Essentials and server management
 » ProLiant architecture- white papers (general, IO, Memory, Networking, Processor
 » ProLiant networking
 » ProLiant servers (general, HP BladeSystems servers, 100,300,500 & 700 series)
 » ProLiant servers: advanced technology development
 » ProLiant servers: industry-standard server OSs
 » Programmer's Heaven
 » Question: How to print wide characters that are not in built-in C locale?
 » Ready to run Java 3D™
 » Recently updated QuickSpecs for HP hardware and software products
 » Red Hat Inc.
 » Regular expression for floating-point number
 » Related vendor developer programs
 » Requirements for certification of third-party products on HP-UX
 » SAS applications
 » SGI Pro64™
 » SPECjbb2000 (Java Business Benchmark)
 » SUSE Linux
 » SUSE Linux downloads
 » Safari Tech Books Online - fully-searchable
 » Scalability and performance of HP ProLiant servers in 32- and 64-bit HP Server Based Computing environments
 » Scalability and performance of the HP ProLiant BL25p Server (PDF, 885KB)
 » Scalability and performance of the HP ProLiant DL385 Server (PDF, 854KB)
 » Scalability of bare-metal and virtualized HP ProLiant servers in x64 and x86 HP Server Based Computing environments
 » Sensing locale with HP-UX applications
 » Software Transition Kit downloads
 » Software conventions for HP-UX
 » Solaris-to-HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK) features
 » Technologies for the HP ProLiant 100-series servers
 » Technologies for the ProLiant ML570 G3 and ProLiant ML570 G3 and ProLiant DL580 G3 servers(PDF, 165KB)
 » The 32-bit PA-RISC Run-time Architecture Document
 » The Intel® processor roadmap for industry-standard servers
 » The KDE translation HOWTO
 » The PA-8500: The Evolution Continues
 » The Peregrine Evolution Model for Service Management white paper (PDF, 699 KB)
 » The grid as a platform for communication, collaboration and e-science (PDF)
 » The libm library and floating-point arithmetic for HP-UX on Itanium® 2-based systems
 » The real story
 » The single UNIX® specification, v2 and v3 (free registration required)
 » Tomcat on HP-UX
 » Top 100 CE sites
 » TotalView
 » Transition resources for Solaris to the HP-UX Foundation Operating Environment
 » Transitioning to HP Integrity servers - Success stories
 » Transitioning to HP Integrity servers - news, events, webcasts, and training
 » Transitioning your applications to HP Integrity servers
 » Transitioning your hardware to HP Integrity servers
 » TruCluster Server software
 » US Fortran standards committee
 » Unable to download hpjmeter
 » Upgrading a server from PA-RISC to Integrity
 » Upgrading to PA-8800 processors
 » Use of GCC to compile/link JNI apps on HP-UX 11
 » Using HP-UX
 » Using HP-UX features to enhance the performance and scalability of an HP Integrity Superdome SD64B server running SAP
 » Using HPs MSA1000 with 2.4-based Linux distributions on HP servers (PDF, 56KB)
 » Using Serviceguard to Manage Integrity Virtual Machines
 » What are the steps to configure SNMP on HP-UX11i to make it work with Oracle 9i?
 » What is 64-bit computing?
 » Where can I find all the warnings issued by the compiler?
 » Which EVA models support MPIO Active/Active solution?
 » Will the compiler adjust register and/or cache usage if you specify a target of Intel® Itanium® dual core?
 » Windows for devices
 » Windows mobile™
 » home page for handhelds.org
 » hp InkJet driver project
 » hp OfficeJet driver project
 » hpjconfig: a case study of Java™ cross-platform development
 » iPAQ software, in partnership with Handango
 » interactive grid architecture for application service providers (PDF 1 MB)
 » jBASE
 » java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
 » jsp page design with tiles
 » management += grid (PDF 105 KB)
 » open source projects and other linux resources sponsored by hewlett-packard
 » python korean codecs project
 » python.org website
 » software public rollout reports for OpenVMS

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