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The Solaris Software Transition Kit (STK) is a collection of tools and documents designed to help you transition your Solaris applications to the HP-UX environment on the Itanium® platform.

The Solaris STK uses a clear methodology for code analysis, providing sound advice for each API encountered in scanned Solaris source code. It helps developers identify and resolve compatibility issues between Solaris and HP-UX, greatly simplifying porting software from the Solaris operating system to Integrity servers. The STK also contains extensive developer's documentation, including white papers, best practices and usage guides, as well as a porting guide.


 Solaris Software Transition Kit

»  New in Solaris STK v3.1
»  Solaris STK Overview
»  Transition impact list
»  Reference documents

 Other Solaris Transition Aids

»  Binary scanner planning tool
»  Solaris-to-HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK)
»  Solaris Porting Guide

 Other Software Transition Kits

»  Linux STK
»  Tru64 UNIX STK

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