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Recently, a partner asked if they could replace an aging AlphaServer system with a used AlphaServer system. Most of the technical issues were successfully resolved, but licensing required attention. The good news is that HP's AllianceONE program offers temporary licenses for Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS systems free of charge. You might need to purchase a base operating system license. Read on for more information.

Alpha systems are sold with operating system licenses that are tied to the system. Base and SMP Operating System licenses and other select licenses cannot be transferred to another Alpha system. The policies listed below define which licenses stay with an Alpha system and which can be transferred. If the used Alpha system did not come with the Base Operating System license(s) you require (OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX), you need to purchase the appropriate license(s).

Call the AllianceONE equipment discount program at 1-800-249-3294 with the license part number (see the list below). They will quote you the price and any applicable discount and take your order. If you need help determining the correct part number, ask them to connect you with the presales order desk for help.

Here's an example: You need to purchase Tru64 UNIX licenses for an HP AlphaServer ES40 system with 4 CPUs. In addition to a base license, you need SMP license(s) for the extra CPUs. In this example, the part numbers you need to purchase are:
Quantity 1 QL-MT4AE-67 Tru64 UNIX Base license and
Quantity 3 QL-MT4A9-6N Tru64 UNIX SMP Extension license

In addition to the BASE and SMP licenses you absolutely need, there are other licenses you might want to purchase.

Many Tru64 UNIX systems also came packaged with an unlimited user license and a Server Extension license. If you need the same licenses as the original system purchase, then you need to purchase them, as well.

Continuing our example, the HP AlphaServer ES40 Tru64 UNIX systems included pre-installed software, Base and SMP license, Unlimited User license, Server Extension license, Internet Express, and Secure Web Server. Server Extension license allows the system to be a server to other systems. You can download the Internet Express and Secure Web Server software package.

The part numbers for the licenses are:
QL-MT7AE-AA - Unlimited user license
QL-MT6AE-AA - Server Extension license
QB-3NCAA-SA - Internet Express and Secure Web Server software package

AllianceONE provides free (to AllianceONE members), temporary licenses for many Tru64 UNIX software products. AllianceONE members may download them from the portal and use them for development and demonstration use. An unlimited user license is in the PAK file. If you have a permanent unlimited user license, edit the file and remove commands that delete and register OSF-USR (LMF product name).


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» AllianceONE resources for HP Tru64 UNIX development (including license keys).

Currently, the COM group (Customer Order Management) can be contacted for help with part numbers and to place orders - 1-800-448-6737.

For help with development issues, please contact us at dspp.dev@hp.com.

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