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The HP Wildebeest Debugger (WDB) is an HP-supported implementation of the Open Source GNU debugger (GDB).

The HP WDB GUI is a graphical user interface (GUI) designed by Hewlett-Packard for the HP Wildebeest Debugger (WDB).

HP WDB additionally provides the following advanced debugging capabilities:

Memory Debugging Capabilities
  • Detecting dangling pointers
  • Detecting memory leaks
  • Profiling heap usage
  • Profiling arena and process
  • Detecting heap corruption and double-frees
  • Scrambling un-initialized data values
  • Detecting and simulating out-of-memory conditions
  • Detecting open files

Thread Debugging Capabilities
  • Viewing extended information of pthread primitives
  • Advanced runtime thread debugging to detect thread-related errors

Latest release!

HP WDB 6.6 is the recommended debugger for Integrity systems running HP-UX 11i v2, or HP-UX 11i v3, and HP 9000 systems running HP-UX 11i v1, 11i v2, or 11i v3.

HP WDB GUI 6.6, the graphical front end for HP WDB, is supported on Integrity and HP 9000 systems.

HP WDB 6.6 features

  • New command java add-to-packcore has been introduced. This command allows users to prepare a list of additional files to be included to the packcore.tar.gz for Java debugging.
  • New command java packcore has been introduced to enhance existing packcore command for Java processes.
  • The unpackcore and getcore commands are enhanced to pick libjunwind library from packcore for Java processes.
  • The java metadata command is added to display the JVM metadata contained in the entire Permgen/Metaspace region.
  • The java metarange command is added to display the JVM metadata contained in the specified Permgen/Metaspace address range.
  • The set, unset, and show target-environment commands has been introduced to set, unset, and display the environment of process being debugged, respectively.

HP WDB GUI 6.6 features

HP WDB GUI 6.6 has no new features added.

HP WDB GUI releases after version 5.8 do not contain any new feature additions over previous version of HP WDB GUI. Future releases of HP WDB GUI are made (only version number is changed) to make it compatible with the latest release of the HP WDB product

Following are the features of HP WDB GUI 5.8:
  • Support for graphical display of batch RTC reports
  • Support for graphical display of runtime heap and leaks
  • Support for display of Nat Values for floating point registers
  • Support for different display formats in register view
  • Enhanced display for execution path


Hardware HP-UX versions Compilers
HP 9000 Systems 11i v1, 11i v2, 11i v3 HP aC++, HP C/ANSI C, and HP Fortran.
HP Integrity systems 11i v2, and 11i v3 HP aC++, HP C/ANSI C, and HP Fortran.
Note: The debuggers xdb and HP DDE are obsolete.

Patch information

To debug PA-RISC applications on Integrity systems by using the latest PA debugger, see the HP WDB Patch information.

Product information

For detailed information on product features, see the documentation.

For detailed information on the HP WDB release notes:


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