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AHPK is a porting environment for enterprise businesses to automate AIX to HP-UX migration - further reducing the TCO of a HP-UX  solution.

AHPK is a result of HP's commitment to make migration experience as painless as possible for customers. AHPK automates the migration of AIX-based C and C+ applications to drastically reduce the time and effort it takes for them to be up and running on HP-UX.

The key functionalities of AHPK are
  • Estimating migration effort - AHPK scans C and C++ sources and lists out the automated and manual changes needed for migration to HP-UX. These inputs can be used for estimating the migration effort
  • Addressing toolset differences - AHPK transparently handles differences between the compiler, linker and other common build tools on AIX and HP-UX, thus allowing users to use their existing AIX makefiles on HP-UX.
  • Addressing header file differences - AHPK identifies the header files differences between AIX and HP-UX and provides wrapper header files for addressing these differences.
  • Addressing API differences - AHPK runtime library addresses the syntactic and behavioral difference between the APIs on AIX and HP-UX. It also provides support for AIX APIs that have no equivalents on HP-UX.

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The first version of AIX to HP-UX Porting Kit, AHPK 1.0, which supports migrations from AIX 5.2/5.3 to HP-UX 11iv3 on HP Integrity Servers is now available!

See the release notes for the details and click here to submit a download request.

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