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HP Fortran

Special Announcement

We wish to announce that Hewlett-Packard no longer sells or supports Compaq Visual Fortran. However, A partnership has been established with Intel® to help you migrate to Intel Visual Fortran Compilers. Intel Visual Fortran Compilers were created by the same Fortran engineering team that created Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF), and we recommend that our CVF users take advantage of the migration path to Intel Visual Fortran Compilers.

Visit the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler page on the Intel Web site.


Independent training in Fortran 90/95 and HP Visual Fortran is offered by Unicomp, Inc. in the US.  QT software GMBH in Germany offers training in use of and Windows programming with HP Visual Fortran.

Companion Products

A variety of products and services from other vendors and sources work with HP Visual Fortran to make your applications easier to develop, look better and run faster. This page also includes pointers to training providers and a list of recommended books.

Support and Updates

Technical support for the IMSL libraries in the Professional Edition is available separately at extra cost from Visual Numerics - a product registration card included with the package has more details.

The most recent product update is available for download through HP's FTP server.  See the Updates page for more information. Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions page and the list of Knowledge Base articles for answers to common support requests.

Reference Material

Please also see the Resources page for additional material of interest to HP Visual Fortran users.
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