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This page is intended to provide useful tips and hints on using the AllianceONE portal, should you have difficulties with registration, renewal and managing your company data please contact your program contact as shown in the Membership Snapshot on the AllianceONE home page after you have signed in. If you have sign in difficulties or can’t see that snapshot please use the information found on the Contact Us page.

AllianceONE usage hints

»  Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Firefox and Chrome

»  Saved AllianceONE application
»  Why can’t I find my company
»  Why can’t I software download
  »  Access HP patches
  »  Can’t remove a contact
  »  How can I access membership only benefits and content
  »  Renewals

Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

These browsers have a "compatibility view"  and AllianceONE works best with this enabled. To enable it pull down Tools and click Compatibility View, you can set the Compatibility View Settings to always enable this on specific domains, e.g. hp.com. For more information about compatibility view go to Microsoft’s site.

There is also a compatibility view button in the toolbar which displays under certain circumstances and should do so in AllianceONE, a simple shortcut is to click that button, as highlighted below.


Firefox and Chrome

Firefox and Chrome will on occasion display screens at a full width, this can make them look incomplete. Software Downloads is a case in point, below you can see how this looks in IE and FireFox, both will work but to use in FireFox or Chrome you must use the horizontal scroll to see the entire drop down items.

Internet Explorer
Note scroll bar along bottom, this will reveal full drop downs and selectors as below

So when using FireFox or Chrome always check the scroll bars to make sure you are "seeing" all of the page.


Saved AllianceONE application

During company registration you can stop part way through and the system will save your application at the last completed section, not part way through a section. This is valid for 60 days, after 30 days you will receive an email notification that you have a saved and incomplete application. How to retrieve a saved application is detailed in the company registration guide available at the AllianceONE registration, affiliation, and renewal guides page but one tip here is that when searching for your company do not be too exact in what you enter, if you originally put “MyCompany Ltd” and now search for “mycompany ltd.” That final dot will cause the search to fail, better to simply search for “MyComp”. The resulting drop down below will show all matching companies so your search may find a lot that does not matter, and that’s better than not finding any.


Why can’t I find my company

If you can’t find your company, either in the find a partner section or as part of affiliation or in retrieving a saved application, there could be several reasons for this. Simplest solution is to call your regional program center, see the Contact Us page


Why can’t I software download

Software downloads are a membership benefit, in most cases a benefit ONLY for company members. So if you registered only your personal details and did not register your company or affiliate your personal account to your company then you will not be able to access most of the downloads. For help with company registration or affiliation, go to the AllianceONE registration, affiliation, and renewal guides page and look at the relevant guide. If you don’t know what user level you have, contact your local program center via the Contact Us page.


Access HP patches

AllianceONE facilitates access to HP Patches but this is administered by a separate organization within HP, you can read about the general process at the AllianceONE member access to patches page but for concerns/questions regarding patch access go to the HP Support Center(HPSC)


Can’t remove a contact

People come and go and you should try to remove any company contacts that are no longer with your company, sometimes this can be a problem as contacts are required on all product/services so if the contact you are trying to remove is on one or more then the system will not allow you to remove the contact until all of the products/services have been updated to new contacts. There are a number of other more complex reasons why contacts occasionally can’t be removed, in all cases please contact your local program center via the Contact Us page who will assist.


How can I access membership only benefits and content

Many of the benefits are only available to full company members and also some content is protected that way. People often get confused in that they create a user account for themselves but still can’t access company level benefits. This flow chart is intended to help with that process; however,  you can always contact your local program center via the Contact Us page for help here.

Click to enlarge


Upon successfully logging into the site, on the right hand side of the page under “Manage My AllianceONE” you will find a “renew membership” link.  Select that and you will be forward to the “Checklist” page.  On this page you will find 4 links – here is what you will need to do for each specific one … you will need to review and/or update your company’s:

  • company information – select this link and review the information - even if you have no changes, please be sure to hit the Submit Button at the bottom of the screen. You will be returned to the checklist and company information will say complete.
  • contact information – after clicking this link, click on your name and review your personal contact information please hit the Submit Button and then you will come back to the list of names at this point scroll to the bottom and select the Previous Button to return to the Checklist.
  • product/service catalog information – after clicking this link, click on the edit button next to your product name.  You will be reviewing and resubmitting this product.  This is a four page process.  On the fourth page select “I agree to the submission guidelines…” and hit the Submit Button. You will receive a message that says you have resubmitted the product.  Hit continue. Hit continue again to get back to the checklist.
  • Special interest program – you do not have to go into this one – this is if you want to apply for any additional program.

Okay you should be on the checklist page with the first three sections saying “Complete” next to them.  At this point you will accept the program terms, and conditions and select the Renew Button, this will complete the renewal process. You should receive a message that says you have renewed until next year. Please NOTE, you have not renewed until you have clicked the Renew button and seen the confirmation page.
For detailed step-by-step help on renewals download the guide from the AllianceONE registration, affiliation, and renewal guides page



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