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Linux Porting Kit

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TheLinux Porting Kit (LPK) provides the tools and information you need toport Linux applications or e-services to HP-UX. The porting kitincludes useful Open Source tools, libhplx library of APIs and headerfiles, scanner tools to find porting issues, and porting guides.

With the Linux Porting Kit you can port applications:

  • from Linux to HP-UX 11.0/11i (PA-RISC 32/64-bit architecture) or
  • from Linux to HP-UX 11i version 1.5 for Itanium-based systems
Download the Linux porting kit

Formaximum compatibility for makefiles and scripts, we recommend that youdownload and install all of the components of the Linux Porting Kit.

Note:The Linux Porting Kit will help port Linux user space applications toHP-UX; however, it will not at this time, support Linux kernelapplications such as drivers, privileged applications, or Linuxarchitecture-dependent applications.


Linux to HP-UX porting kit components
It consists of the GNU compiler toolchain and over 50of the most popular open source tools such as Perl, Xemacs, Tcl/Tk, andthe GNU bash shell on HP-UX. It has been enhanced to include someadditional popular open source software packages, which may be helpfulas you prepare to port your application.
» libhplx library
The Linux Porting Kit's libhplx library contains 96% ofLinux-compatible APIs in libhplx.sl, the related header files, and thelibrary sources. Derived from the GNU libc 2.2.4, the Linux-compatibleAPIs work concurrently with the existing HP-UX libraries, which make96% of Linux core APIs available to developers. View the contents of libhplx.sl for the list of APIs provided.

Note: since libhplx was derived from GNU libc, it is not threadsafe.

STK The Linux Software Transition Kit (STK) contains tools,documentation, and processes that help transition Linux applications(C, C++, scripts, makefiles) to HP-UX.

Tools include:

  • lxscansummary helps assess amount of work needed and generates a web or text report
  • lxscandetailidentifies specific lines of source code with porting issues, providessolutions, and generates a web or text report

Documentation includes:

  • porting process information
  • white papers
  • online documents
  • Linux and HP-UX man pages
Porting guide
In PDF format, this Linux to HP-UX Porting Guide containsextensive, easy-to-use procedures, recommendations, and commonly knownporting issues to assist you throughout your porting experience. Italso contains a collection of Open Source terms and definitions toreduce your research effort and time.
Network device driver porting guide
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The following migration guides are offered to help network driver porting from Linux to HP-UX.
  • Linux to HP-UX porting guide: presents a detailed discussion on porting Linux 2.2 network drivers onto HP-UX 11.0
  • HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i driver migration guide: presents a detailed discussion on porting HP-UX 11.0 drivers to HP-UX 11.i
  • PAto IA migration guide: presents a detailed discussion on porting HP-UX11.i (PA-RISC) network driver to HP-UX 11.i v1.5 for Itanium-basedsystems

The Linux (kernel version 2.2) to HP-UX, Network Device Driver Porting Guidecompares the Linux and HP-UX driver environments and provides detailedinstructions on porting a networking device driver from Linux to HP-UX.Code snippets are used to illustrate bus access, memory mapping,interrupt handling, etc. in the HP-UX environment. The porting guidealso provides sample HP-UX and Linux device drivers for PCI FastEthernet card based on Intel's 21143 chipset. Questions on this can beforwarded to lpk@hp.com .

* PDF documents require Adobe Reader. Get Adobe Reader.

Feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions, and feedback about the Linux porting kit.

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