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Driver Resources

» HP-UX drivers
HP-UX 11i v2 (PA-RISC and HP Integrity systems) driver development information and downloads
» Device drivers development resources and downloads  

Certification on HP-UX

» How to certify your hardware products on HP-UX
  If you have a product for HP Integrity Server and HP 9000 connectivity solutions on HP-UX, consider certifying your product on HP-UX.  
» Requirements for certification of third-party products on HP-UX  
  See full details on company and product requirements to qualify for testing and certification on HP-UX.  
» Frequently Asked Questions about HP-UX Certification Testing  
  Who is certification testing for? Are there fees involved? What kind of devices can be tested? And more questions from IHVs on the certification testing process.  
» Listing of HP Certified third-party hardware products for HP-UX  
  Certified for HP-UX products have undergone the highest level of testing available for partner products. Testing is completed at an independent test facility under the guidance of HP and is designed to promote customer confidence in the testing and service associated with the product.  See details on how you can certify your products for HP-UX  
» Listing of HP Reference third-party hardware products for HP-UX  
  A listing of products that have been tested by the third-party independent hardware vendor (IHV) supplier to verify compatibility in the HP-UX environment.  

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