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HP Serviceguard and HP Serviceguard for Linux are specialized software packages for protecting mission-critical applications from a wide variety of hardware and software failures on HP-UX and Linux, respectively. The Developer’s Toolbox provides quick and easy application integration with HP Serviceguard on both of these operating environments.

Included in this toolbox is a user's guide, a template that may be customized for your application to create a Serviceguard toolkit, and a test tool that may be used to help validate the toolkit in Serviceguard's environment.

The Toolbox framework leverages the design from HP-UX Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit and HP Serviceguard for Linux Toolkits to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in application integration effort
  • Simplification of application maintenance and upgrades
  • Ease of migration between HP-UX and Linux Serviceguard environments
  • Reduction in overall system management requirements, providing the same "look and feel" for every application.
  • Ability to create and market HP Serviceguard integration scripts with your application

Click here to learn more about the HP Serviceguard Developer’s Toolbox Program (SGDTP).

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply download the toolbox, meet the requirements for certification, and notify HP of the results.



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