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HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse (version 5.0.0), previously called as HP C/C++ Remote Developer Plug-in, allows you to develop C/C++ code on HP-UX system using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on a Windows or Linux system. It allows you to edit, compile, run, debug, memory debug, core file debug and perform static-analysis of your C/C++ code on an HP Integrity system (Itanium-based) or an HP 9000 server (PA-RISC) running HP-UX 11i releases.

User interface, compiler diagnostics, interactions take advantage of the Eclipse IDE running on your Windows or Linux desktop. The processing power needed for building, running, conducting static-analysis, and debugging your C/C++ programs is provided by the HP-UX system.

Latest release!
HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse (version 5.0.0) is now available for download.

Latest release of the plug-in has the following new features:
  • Enabled with Eclipse 3.7.x and 3.6.x. The current release of the "HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse", is supported on Eclipse 3.7.x with CDT (C/C++ Development Toolkit) 8.0.0. and Eclipse 3.6.x with CDT 7.0.x
  • New GUI Layout for better and easier page navigation.
  • Supports Core File debugging.
  • Implementation of Managed Build System (MBS) to facilitate creation of Managed Make and Standard Make HP-UX C/C++ projects.
  • Enhanced Code Advisor plug-in to facilitate both PDB generation and report generation.
  • Facility to generate PDB with various types of checks to generate Code Advisor report.
  • Code Advisor report generator enhanced to generate report in various formats (e.g. .txt, .html) with various options (e.g. Summary, File Summary and Detail, by Severity, by Diagnostic number etc).
  • Defect fix and updated documentation (refer to release notes for more information).
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   Plug-in information
User Guide (.PDF, 5.02MB)
  Installation Guide (.PDF, 463.0KB)
  Release Notes (.PDF, 125.0KB)
  SSH Setup (.PDF, 140.0KB)
  FAQ (.PDF, 465.0KB)
  SoftBench to HP-UX DEE Migration Guide (.PDF, 2.87MB)
  Technical support


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