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The Solaris to HP-UX Software Transition Kit (STK) helps you identify and resolve compatibility issues between HP-UX 11i and Solaris, greatly simplifying the porting process. Its file scanning utilities use a clear methodology for code analysis, providing sound advice for each API encountered in scanned Solaris C and C++ source code files as well as makefiles and shell scripts.

The Solaris to HP-UX Software Transition Kit has been updated to include data and references for features now available in the Solaris-to-HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK).

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Version 3.1 features at a glance
  • Solaris Software Transition Kit 3.1 has enhanced  filescanner.

  • Solaris Software Transition Kit 3.1 supports transition from Solaris 8,Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 to HPUX 11i v3 Integrity servers.

  • STK contents present on Dev Resource Central are migrated to AllianceONE site.
    All the DRC URLs are replaced with corresponding AllianceONE links in this release.

  • General refinements to impact data including current HP-UX 11i feature availability and other miscellaneous issues

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