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If the HP AllianceOne Cloud Operating Environment doesn't meet your needs, you may qualify for the AllianceOne Developer Technology Access Program (DTAP) for Linux, HP-UX, and Windows, or for assistance from the HP NonStop World Wide solutions center.


AllianceOne Technology Access Program

The AllianceOne Developer Technology Access Program (DTAP) supports Linux, Windows, and HP-UX on Integrity. PA-RISC is not available.

If you have an existing deal that you are working, DTAP provides a dedicated environment to develop or qualify your application on the latest HP platforms.

DTAP offers a complete suite of servers, workstations, and other hardware that can run one of many supported operating systems, as well as an entire library of current HP software. Experienced technical consultants are also readily available to answer any questions you might have during your migration and testing efforts. Typically hardware access is provided for up to two weeks. Depending on the project, longer reservations might be possible. AllianceOne members utilizing DTAP are expected to keep HP apprised of their progress on a weekly basis.

Systems are reserved for the exclusive use of AllianceOne members, and are not available to HP personnel to do backups. As such, you must perform your own backups while utilizing DTAP or otherwise regularly copy files back to your home systems to ensure that the work is saved at all times.

DTAP resources are normally in high demand. Access is provided based on availability and AllianceOne member requirements. In order to be considered for this program, please complete the DTAP access form.

HP NonStop World Wide Solutions Center

The NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) sponsors the HP NonStop World Wide Solution Center. The center is located in Cupertino, California at the Advanced Technology Center.

AllianceOne members wishing to obtain short or long term access to NonStop platforms should review the program data sheet (.PDF, 156KB) for more information.

AllianceOne members wishing to request remote or on site access to S-series, NonStop Integrity NS16000, or NonStop Blades NB54000c for sustained development and customer care needs may do so by completing the NonStop access form.

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