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Listings are useful to developers of privileged kernel code. If you use the documented APIs, you should not need them. However, if you look into data structures that are undocumented, then listings are a MUST!

Part numbers for OpenVMS source listings kits are available in the Software Product Description (SPD) file. According to the SPD, the OpenVMS I64 Operating System Source Listings are available on DVD. The OpenVMS Alpha Operating System Source Listings are available on CD-ROM. These discs contain source listing files and the Alpha and Integrity servers specific debug symbol files that make up the OpenVMS operating system. HP provides source listings for key modules of the OpenVMS operating system that are appropriate for end users or application developers. The debug symbol files (DSF) on the OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 Source Listings media contain information used by the OpenVMS System-Code Debugger. Certain company confidential source listings and debug symbol files, however, are excluded from the CD-ROM.

The orderable media kits include the license required to view these files on a standalone system or an Open- VMS Cluster system. If users want to make these files available to another system (possibly at a remote site), they must purchase another kit.

AllianceONE does not provide listings kits. Partners may order them from HP through the normal ordering process. Part numbers are provided below.

OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers Source Listings Kits

Product/No. Description

  • BA486AA                 OpenVMS for Integrity servers V8.3 Listings DVD Kit and License
  • BA469AA                 OpenVMS for Integrity servers V8.2-1 Listings DVD Kit and License
  • BA422AA                 OpenVMS I64 V8.2 Listings DVD Kit and License
  • QB�MT1AB�E8        OpenVMS Alpha Listings CD Kit and License


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