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"HP 9000 Containers enabled us to replace our aging infrastructure by consolidating multiple HP 9000 servers onto high-performance Intel Itanium 9300 processor-based BL8x0c i2 Integrity blade servers. Because HP 9000 Containers provide a completely virtualised environment, we recognised significant cost benefits very quickly and with very little effort, including significantly reducing our product build cycle time."

― Gary Wood, R&D Project Manager, LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions, HP Imaging and Printing Group


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All HP 9000 Containers solution components are fully supported HP products through respective support statements as applicable.

  • HP-UX Containers (formerly SRP - Secure Resource Partition)
  • HP 9000 Containers product

HP 9000 Containers support overview

HP 9000 Containers is a fully supported product from HP. HP 9000 Containers will be supported consistent with existing HP-UX 11i and ARIES binary compatibility and support policies as outlined in the following documents. All applications running within the HP 9000 Containers follow the policies noted in the below compatibility and product support statements:

» HP-UX binary compatibility statement 
» HP ARIES binary compatibility and product support statement

These statements emphasize that well-behaved applications on HP 9000 HP-UX 11i systems will be supported. HP 9000 Containers will not support unsupported system calls, unsupported APIs and/or kernel modules. Versions of HP-UX which will be supported are HP-UX 11i v1, v2 and v3. Versions of HP-UX prior to HP-UX 11i v1 will not be supported. As part of the support for HP 9000 Containers, support for HP ARIES, SRP v2 and Container Tools will be provided.


HP-UX OE and eco-system support within HP 9000 Containers

The HP 9000 HP-UX OE components emulated by HP ARIES within HP 9000 Containers will follow the support policies and schedule provided for the HP 9000 HP-UX OEs themselves. Standard Factory support for the OE components executing within the HP 9000 Containers will not extend beyond the standard support policies and schedules of the OEs themselves. The End of Sales and End of Factory Support dates can be found at:


Application licensing and support

It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that all applications running within the HP 9000 Containers have appropriate licenses to run within these Containers. These end users and customers should work with their individual software vendors or providers to acquire new licenses or transfer existing ones (as applicable).

Most ISVs and software providers do not support their applications running on HP ARIES. Therefore, the end user or customer should realize that issues discovered within the application itself within an HP 9000 Container environment will likely not be resolved by the ISV.

HP-UX OE licensing

Please see the HP-UX 11i Licensing page at:



HP 9000 Containers availability

HP 9000 Containers product is available free of charge to all HP-UX 11i v3 customers on HP Integrity servers. The product is available as web download from


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