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As an AllianceOne partner, you can differentiate your offerings by testing and validating your solutions to earn the HP Converged Infrastructure Ready insignia. This insignia demonstrates your expertise in delivering solutions that are Converged Infrastructure compliant. The Converged Infrastructure Ready testing and validation procedures leverage HP's best practices and extensive experience in delivering secure, best-in-class applications and solutions. Earn the HP CI Ready Insignia

Backed by HP's legendary commitment to quality, value and innovation, HP Converged Infrastructure Ready solutions offer our customers peace of mind, as well as communicate our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions that drive the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

See the current list of CI Ready partners.

Earning the AllianceOne testing and validation credentials offers many important benefits and uniquely positions you to take advantage of the following:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – By testing and validating your solutions using HP's test methodologies, you can identify and fix common problems before deploying the solution at customer sites.
  • Reduced support costs – Tested solutions allow us to collaborate to identify and resolve issues before launching the solution, which can reduce support costs.
  • Increased win rate – Solutions backed by HP's AllianceOne credentials carry greater peace of mind and assurance for customers. And that means better chances of winning joint deals.
  • Increased mindshare – AllianceOne testing and validation credentials set you apart from other vendors in the marketplace, leading to greater mindshare with our sales reps, consultants and analysts.
You can obtain the HP Converged Infrastructure Ready insignia in the following ways:
  1. HP validates your solution in a Matrix environment.
  2. Partners may request the insignia based on their testing in an HP Converged Infrastructure environment. You are invited to validate your solution over the cloud in an HP Converged Infrastructure, represented by the AllianceOne Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE).
  3. You have validated your application as CI Ready in consultation with the NonStop CI program office.
  4. You test your appplication in your own HP CI environment.
Click the link below for details on how to validate your application.


For AllianceOne members only

This offering is for AllianceOne company members only. If you are not currently an AllianceOne company member and are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits, please register. » HP CI Ready Insignia requirements

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