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HP Moonshot is the industry’s first workload-optimized server, designed to optimize the performance of scale-out applications with breakthrough efficiency and economics. These systems leverage Industry-standard mobile technology, including industry standard systems-on-a-chip (SOCs) designs, tailored to the requirements of specific applications, which can run at scale with radical savings in power, space, and cost. HP Moonshot’s unique high-density design consists of a chassis, which provides shared power, cooling, and networking, across 45 system cartridge. Each cartridge includes up to 4 server nodes, for a total of up to 180 servers per chassis. This architecture allows customers to realize both reduced cost-of-ownership and significantly reduced operational costs.

HP is committed to partner with companies to deliver Moonshot solutions that provide compelling benefits to customers in the high priority markets we are targeting. Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) or Systems Integrators (SI) that can envision a workload optimized solution with HP Moonshot are welcome to apply for the HP Moonshot Partner Program.

For approved ISV’s with applications designed to scale to high performance in one of the specialized workload environments that we target, we provide access to technical resources and to the HP Discovery Labs to test and validate your solution on HP Moonshot. ISV’s document their testing results, and upon approval by our technical team, programmatically get visibility for the proven solution with HP sales. IHVs and SIs are connected within HP as needed to understand and drive solution definition and validation. All approved partners get access to tools and resources, and are immediately given access to the HP Moonshot Partner Program insignia. This insignia can be used in your marketing and sales efforts to signify your alignment with HP Moonshot.

Access to the HP Moonshot Partner Program is for active AllianceOne members only. If you are a member sign in and get started now. If you are not a member, join now. Membership to AllianceOne is complimentary.

Engagement with the HP Moonshot Partner Program is free to qualified ISV, IHV and SI partners. To realize and prove the value of the joint solution, you will need to commit resources to work with us to test your application and create joint solution sales messages.
To learn more about HP Moonshot and our partner program, click on the following introductory videos to get you started:


Moonshot 101


HP Discovery Labs

The process of becoming an HP Moonshot partner is fast-tracked and thorough. First, we gather information about your company and your interest in HP Moonshot to understand if there is an opportunity to realize differentiated value that will resonate with your target customers and open up new revenue opportunities for your company. If you are an ISV, we gather additional information to determine if the software application is designed to scale and can take advantage of the features of the HP Moonshot System. Then we look at the alignment of your solutions to our target market segments. If in our evaluation we determine that we will both receive value from further investments, we align our technical resources to allow you to do an initial test and discover some of the advantages that may be realized.

With your documented results, your application will be featured as one of the key business solutions for the HP Moonshot System. HP sales teams can then match their customer needs with your solution value – and when there is a match, they reach out to you – and help advance the opportunity to mutual revenue recognition.

Once you have reviewed the introductory videos in the Overview section and determined your interest in the program, follow the detailed steps below to join the Moonshot Partner Program. You can download a copy of the registration request form (.PDF, 91KB), allowing you to gather appropriate information prior to completing the form on line.

Step 1: Register

Ready to get started?
  • Register now for the HP Moonshot Partner Program and tell us more about your company, solution and interest in HP Moonshot.
  • Your registration will be reviewed and we will respond to your request via email within 10 days with next steps.

Step 2: Engage

Where there is alignment to address target customer needs, and where an opportunity to jointly invest creates a win/win, you will receive an email that contains a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) that must be signed and returned for us to continue through the engagement process.

Once the CDA is returned, partners welcomed into the program are given access to technical resources, additional training and the HP Moonshot Partner Program insignia.

A one-hour technical discussion will be scheduled to determine the path forward- with milestones and timelines.

As an approved partner, you will have access to a web link, titled “HP Moonshot Partner Program Insignia” in the top right navigation side bar of this page. Once you review and agree to the license terms, the insignia is downloadable for your use.

If we are unable to jointly invest to create a win/win, at this time, you will receive an email outlining on-line resources that will allow you to pursue your interest in HP Moonshot as an AllianceOne member.

Step 3: Test

As an approved ISV you begin to test your application on the HP Moonshot System in the HP Discovery Lab. You will be required to agree and sign the Discovery Lab Agreement (.DOC, 43KB) before proceeding. Once your test plan has been defined and approved, you will be granted access to HP Technical Resources to help you in executing your test plan.

Step 4: Document

Documenting your test results is a requirement of the program. Additionally, to gain visibility for your solution with the HP field organization, partners can submit a white paper to HP for approval that documents your results and defines differentiated customer value to your markets.

Click here to view the instructions on how to complete your white paper. Submit your completed white paper to: hpmoonshotpartnerprogram@hp.com

Step 5: Get Ready

Your test results and optional white paper will be reviewed by HP and you will be contacted within 10 business days. When approved, your documents will get added visibility on our websites and your company will be highlighted as one of our most valued HP Moonshot partners.

Now, together we build market momentum, identify target customers and together drive visibility and jointly promote your solution on HP Moonshot!

The Developers’ Resource Center provides tools and resources to support your HP Moonshot solution development and go-to-market plans.


HP.com on Moonshot Case Study
PDF 658 KB

White Papers

HP Moonshot: A new style of IT accelerating innovation at scale
PDF 696 KB
HP Moonshot: An Accelerator for Hyperscale workloads
PDF 563 KB


Discovery Labs video
Video 2:25
HP Moonshot System tour video
Customer success video
Video 1:50


Moonshot Mix and Match - FAQ's
Who doesn’t want to accelerate sales, bring more value to customers and increase revenue? With the HP Moonshot Partner Program, these goals can all be realized, resulting in a win-win-win for our customers and each of us.

Customers want radically improved TCO, reduction in datacenter power consumption and floor space – as well as delivering optimal performance. The HP Moonshot System delivers on this value.

Customers increasingly demand clear performance and TCO metrics before they buy. The HP Moonshot Partner Program provides you the opportunity to do application testing that can result in solid data to accelerate your sales cycle.

Engagement with the HP Moonshot Partner Program is free to qualified ISV, IHV and SI partners. To realize and prove the value of your solution on HP Moonshot, you will need to commit resources to prove your application on the Moonshot platform, create the differentiated solution sales message, and programmatically take the solution to market.
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