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HP CloudSystem is the industry’s first complete, integrated and open platform for building and managing clouds. The HP AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready program enables partners to learn about CloudSystem, test and verify their applications, and take advantage of unique marketing opportunities.

HP CloudSystem Ready program partners have access to dedicated specialized trainings, CloudSystem test and development environment, technical assistance, and a solution hosting environment to promote their solution. Access to CloudSystem Ready program is available to AllianceOne members only. Membership is complimentary.

The CloudSystem Ready program will take you through a series of steps to become solution ready. You will be required to register for the program and complete a series of steps to have your solution validated in the HP CloudSystem environment. To learn more about HP CloudSystem click here to access the presentation.

The AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready Program is comprised of a series of steps to educate partners about HP's CloudSystem, and allow them to test and validate their solution in a CloudSystem environment.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to become a valid HP AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready partner. To access these steps, you must be a member of the HP AllianceOne Program and an approved member of the CloudSystem Ready program. Once you have been approved, sign in and begin accessing tools and resources to begin your training.

This program is under restructuring please come back later for more details.

  • Take the HP CloudSystem Matrix web based training. This training provides an overview of the HP CloudSystem Matrix including key system features, how to install and other activities required to facilitate a successful implementation.
  • Attend the live HP CloudSystem technical training which will provide you with integration techniques to ensure success in the test environment.
  • These sessions are 2.5 days of hands-on training with one-on-one instructor interaction to learn about HP’s CloudSystem environment.
  • You will be notified four weeks prior to the next scheduled training class.
  • To be exempt from this technical training you must demonstrate equivalent knowledge and receive approval from HP’s technical experts.
Test and
  • Ready to test your application? Access the CloudSystem Ready Test and Development center and begin testing your solution in the HP CloudSystem environment.
  • You will be allocated a 2week period to complete your testing.
  • Wait times will vary dependent on availability.
White Paper

    Your final step to having your solution validated in the HP CloudSystem environment:
  • Follow these instructions to complete your white paper.
  • Submit your white paper.
  • HP will review your white paper and notify you via email when it has been approved. Please note, this process takes several weeks.

    Once your white paper has been approved, you can begin taking advantage of the benefits offered by the program, including:
  • Download the CloudSystem Ready insignia.
  • Increase your visibility via the AllianceOne portal, HP sales force and AllianceOne Member Update.
  • Exhibit your solution on the HP Solution Demo Portal.
  • Program members who have validated their solution in the HP CloudSystem environment can now take advantage of the full marketing benefits. Access to these benefits will be granted and visible by selecting the “CloudSystem Ready Program Marketing Benefits” link located in the top right navigation side bar.
Through the HP AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready program, not only will you gain access to the test and development environment, you are also provided with the following benefits :
  • Fast track to develop complete, integrated and open solutions on HP's CloudSystem Matrix
  • Access resources to reduce development cost and increase speed of development cycle
  • Gain agility and speed to drive top line growth
  • Your white paper will be published and available to HP’s customer and sales teams
The HP Developer Resource Center (DRC) for CloudSystem is open to all HP AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready members to help answer common developer questions, making it easier to adopt cloud computing with HP CloudSystem. You can find best practices, white papers, sample code, integration and customization techniques, demos and tips. The CloudSystem Developer Resource Center leverages knowledge from a broad CloudSystem base to enable developers to build their own cloud solutions quickly and confidently. For more information and to access these resources please click here.

The following HP AllianceOne CloudSystem Ready (CSR) partners have tested, verified and validated their solutions using HP CloudSystem and are approved members of the CloudSystem Ready program:

Cloud Cruiser

Solution: Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser is a cloud financial management solution that provides enterprises and cloud service providers with IT cost transparency, financial analytics, budgets, and automated chargeback and multi-tenant billing for public, private, and traditional IT computing environments.

CloudSystem and Cloud Cruiser demo
Schedule a live Cloud Cruiser demo (Request a guest account)
Cloud Cruiser whitepaper

Learn more about Cloud Cruiser opens a new window

FalconStor Software

Solution: FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS)

The FalconStor® NSS solution integrates with HP CloudSystem Matrix Storage Provisioning Manager (SPM), enabling automated storage provisioning and near-instant online recovery through multi-site high availability (HA) mirroring between dissimilar storage arrays. Non-HP storage arrays can be mirrored to HP storage arrays between data center sites for heterogeneous, highly available HP CloudSystem implementations.

FalconStor NSS whitepaper: Delivering Automated Continuous Availability for HP CloudSystem

Learn more about FalconStor Software opens a new window


Solution: Cloud Recovery

Geminare’s Cloud Recovery is the #1 Gartner-ranked Recovery as a Service (RaaS) offering that facilitates server protection from physical or virtual environments into virtually any Cloud platform including OpenStack, HP CloudSystem, and the HP CloudSystem Matrix. The only patented RaaS solution, Cloud Recovery is based on a 4-tiered deployment and management model and provides full failover, failback, and testing capabilities to mid-size and enterprise environments for a variety of platforms and offers industry-first features such as full encryption at rest
with complete customer key management.

Cloud Recovery as a Service – Delivered from HP’s CloudSystem whitepaper

Learn more about Geminare opens a new window

Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.

Solution: OmniFlow on Cloud, OmniDocs on Cloud

Newgen cloud solution gives full access to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities and best practices on the cloud. While the ECM platform provides tools for capture, archival, records management and imaging, the BPM platform provides tools for process modeling, process execution, real-time dashboards, integrations, rules management, work-load management and escalation management. The platform can be used to quickly build key vertical LOB applications or horizontal applications such as Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Record to Report, Travel & Expense and HR Processes.

Newgen OmniDocs 7.0 whitepaper
Newgen OmniFlow 9.0 whitepaper

Learn more about Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. opens a new window


Solution: SafeNet ProtectV

With SafeNet ProtectV, HP customers benefit from CloudSystem environments with adaptive security controls—while maintaining data ownership. Customer data is encrypted using the latest encryption and key management technology in isolated virtual environments for maximum protection.

SafeNet ProtectV for HP CloudSystem demo
Schedule a live SafeNet ProtectV demo (Request a guest account)
SafeNet ProtectV solution for HP CloudSystem whitepaper

Learn more about SafeNet opens a new window

TIBCO Software Inc.

Solution: HP + TIBCO Private Cloud Solution

HP and TIBCO have joined together to provide best-in-class IaaS and PaaS capability to allow corporations to make this move quickly and cost-effectively. The HP+TIBCO private cloud solution—powered by TIBCO Silver Fabric running on HP CloudSystem—delivers the flexibility, elasticity, security, and control of infrastructure and application needed to generate the required business process improvements.

TIBCO Silver Fabric whitepaper
TIBCO iProcess Suite whitepaper
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks whitepaper
TIBCO Enterprise Message Service whitepaper

Learn more about TIBCO Software Inc. opens a new window

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