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HP is dedicated to providing a rich portfolio of Backup, Recovery and Archiving (BURA) solutions for our customers. The HP Data Agile Partner Program offers partners a programmatic framework to self-certify the interoperability of their applications across the entire HP Storage portfolio of BURA products – including HP StoreOnce Backup, HP StoreAll Storage, and HP StoreEver Tape.

The Data Agile Partner Program enables partners to learn about the HP BURA portfolio, test and certify their applications in a dedicated HP lab environment and take advantage of unique marketing opportunities. Program members also have access to specialized trainings and technical assistance.

Access to the Data Agile Partner program is for active AllianceOne members only. If you are a member sign in and get started now. If you are not a member, join AllianceOne now. Membership to AllianceOne is complimentary.

Provide powerful solutions to your customers and expand market opportunities through a partnership with HP Storage.

HP StoreOnce Backup


HP StoreAll Storage


HP StoreEver Tape

HP Storage provides a broad portfolio of market leading Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA) products to address the data protection and archiving requirements of small-medium businesses (SMB) to enterprise customers. Becoming a Data Agile partner requires two criteria to be met: active membership in HP’s AllianceOne Program and completed self-certification with one or more of the products in HP’s BURA product portfolio.

Our partner self-certification process enables you to collaborate closely with the HP Data Agile Partner Lab, located in Houston, TX, USA. The Data Agile Lab is designed to work with partners who are market leaders in data protection and archiving to certify on HP storage. This certification process consists of a collaborative effort between HP and our partners to conduct development, integration and qualification necessary to satisfy certification requirements. Certification is defined as passing all minimum acceptance testing as defined by HP and our partner, such that all components of the combined solution are sufficiently validated to interoperate.

The overall process for obtaining self-certification will generally include an on-site visit to the HP Data Agile Partner Lab. We can also accommodate remote access to our lab for situations where on-site engagements are impractical. HP will work with you each step of the way to support your certification investment.

The HP Data Agile Partner Lab environment consists of HP SAN (FC and NAS) infrastructure, servers and storage components that partners can schedule and access to conduct your certification testing. HP will provide lab setup and support resources before and during your visit. You will be responsible for providing engineering resources to facilitate the testing. Together, we will review the results and address issues prior to publishing compatibility and support.

Upon successfully completing the certification process, we ask you to update your Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) indicating support for HP BURA storage products. Once your HCL is updated, we will update HP’s Data Agile Compatibility Matrix signifying support for your software application (www.hp.com/go/ebs ).

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Join Now

  • To become a member of the Data Agile Partner Program you must first be a member of the HP AllianceOne Program. Click here to apply to the AllianceOne Program.
  • Register now for the HP Data Agile Partner Program and tell us more about your solution and interest in HP BURA Storage.
  • Admission into the program will require certification of your product with at least one of the HP Storage Division Backup and Recovery products: HP StoreOnce Backup, HP StoreAll Storage, and HP StoreEver Tape.
  • Once your registration form has been submitted, reviewed and approved, you will be contacted by our HP Data Agile Partner Lab Program Manager to initiate the self-certification process.
  • To begin, you will be required to complete a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) to ensure proper protection of both parties confidential information. This will be provided to you by the HP Data Agile Partner Lab Program Manager.

Step 2: Testing in HP’s Data Agile Partner Lab

  • Test Plan: Once the CDA is in place, your HP Data Agile Partner Lab Program Manager will work with you to review your test plan and lab environment requirements (O/S version, hardware, special features, etc.). If you do not already have an established test plan, HP will provide you examples of robust test plans as a benefit to enabling our Data Agile partners.
  • Scheduling Your Lab Visit: Your HP Data Agile Partner Lab Program Manager will work with you to schedule the on-site lab visit to conduct your testing. On-site testing is recommended for most partners as it provides hands on experience and builds the best collaborative relationships with our lab engineers. Once scheduled, you will be provided information to coordinate your logistics for the trip.
  • Create Your Configuration Document: To facilitate your on-site lab visit, we will work with you to create a Configuration Details Document and a VPN Connections Details Document to ensure the smoothest possible lab experience.
  • On-Site Kick Off: Once you arrive, we will conduct a kick-off meeting with you to review your Configuration Detail and VPN Connections documents. We can also provide you with Minimum Acceptance Tests (MATs) to support your normal test processes.
  • Monitor: We will monitor your certification progress and collaboratively address any real time issues you may come across.

Step 3: Certification

  • Once certification has been completed, and you have listed the HP storage certification on your site, we will document and publish your solution in the publicly viewable HP Data Agile Compatibility Matrix (www.hp.com/go/ebs), which is used by our customers to validate which ISV solutions HP supports. At this time, you can list HP’s products in your Hardware Certification Lists (HCL).

Step 4: Data Agile Ready

  • You are now Data Agile Ready! You will be granted access to download the program logo for use with your product marketing activities. HP can also support you with any press announcements you may want to make in conjunction with this certification.
  • A link to the insignia will appear in the top right navigation side bar of this page. You will be required to review and agree to the license terms prior to downloading the insignia for use. The use of this insignia will allow your company to proudly display your membership in the HP AllianceOne Data Agile Partner Program to differentiate you in the marketplace.

Now together we can build market momentum, identify target customers and together drive visibility and jointly promote your solution on HP storage.

HP’s Data Agile Partner Program offers our ISV partners the opportunity to:

  • Increase your product’s value & differentiation with HP customers
  • Leverage expertise & resources of the HP Data Agile Partner Lab to ensure interoperability of your applications
  • Stay current with your BURA-compatible solutions by certifying them on new HP product releases as soon as they are available
  • Gain customer exposure for your company & solutions on hp.com & HP partner communities
  • Use the Data Agile Ready partner insignia to promote your solutions effectively
  • Increase your market opportunity with HP’s worldwide customer base

Specific partner benefits include the following:


  • Access to HP resources
    • Example Test Plans and Development Guidelines to assist with certification
    • Access to software, patches, & SDKs
  • Technical Q&A to HP Storage technical resources
  • Self-Certification Enablement
    • Access to the HP Data Agile Partner Lab in Houston
    • Engineering support for certification process


  • Access to HP Data Agile Partner Ready logo for use with certified application
  • Listing on HP Data Agile Partner webpage
  • Inclusion in HP Data Agile Partner Solution Guide
  • HP Storage quote for partner-led press release
  • Listing on the Data Agile Compatibility Matrix


  • Inclusion in periodic AllianceOne or HP Storage channel training webcasts
The HP Data Agile Developer Resource Center (DRC) is where you can find a comprehensive selection of fully certified and supported data protection and archive solutions using HP Storage and market leading applications. Start here to design, configure and implement your next data protection or archiving solution.

Data Agile BURA Compatibility Matrix (formerly EBS Compatibility Matrix)
Compatibility for:

HP StoreOnce Backup
HP StoreAll Storage
HP StoreEver Tape
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